February 14, 2013

The Meaning of the 'Britney Bitch' Program

In June of 2012 Will.i.am came out with a new song called 'Scream & Shout' featuring Britney Spears. In the music video Britney Spears' alter ego persona is revealed, named 'Britney Bitch'.

We made a very extensive podcast analyzing the music video 'Scream & Shout' & 'Diamonds' from Rihanna.  In the same podcast, The True Meaning of the End of the Mayan Calendar, is discussed how these pop diva's are being exploited, but also how these videos are being used to program the world at large. What is exactly meant with 'Britney Bitch'? It's becoming evident, like discussed in the podcast mentioned above, that we are dealing here with a collective program. Aimed at here is the ongoing war on the feminine. The program is plotting the ground to grow a societal mindset where it's considered all good to create alter personalities. Worse yet, what's being encouraged is, is to develop a persona for every occasion.  Not only Britney Spears is used to portray alter personalities. It has become trendy to fashion alters. Beyoncé at the Super Bowl 2013 halftime show comes out on a stage which displays two faces opposite each other. Beyoncé has a music album named after her on-stage alter ego Sasha Fierce, which basically boils down to the same alter ego as Britney Bitch. During the preparation for the show Beyoncé insisted on a stage which would display her two opposing faces representing different identities dissociated. The alter roles modeled in the media do not mix, and in what we have been able to glean of these girls in interviews, sometimes don't even know of the other. The Britney Bitch sub identity or alter is associated with diva behavior, overly sexual, blissed out, zombie like, out-of-it, miss-behavior, after-dark party girl, etc. An extreme manic pole which has no inhibitions or brakes.

It has now been ten months since the release of Scream & Shout. One would think the hype of the music video would have subsided. The opposite is true. Britney Spears could not have been aware at the time of the extent of the repercussion of her name change, her identity change, to Britney Bitch in the media. She's now even publicly referred to as Britney Bitch for instance below in an E!Online Facebook post. Yet in this post we get to the gist of an actual bipolar disorder being turned into global fad. This precious too sweet woman below looks nothing like the Britney Bitch persona above. We saw this same fully opposite alter appear in a 2008 tv-interview with Diane Sawyer where the word 'weird' seemed to trigger this sweet fully opposite alter to the BB persona. The disturbing observation which emerges here is, not only that are we looking at an on-stage dissociative identity disorder, but that it's being actively promoted under the young girls as a off-stage new ideal. 

It is disturbing to see Britney be called out 'Britney Bitch' in broad daylight. Surely as a mother of two boys, she would prefer 'Miss Spears' instead. This is very sad for Britney, but not only for her. It's also sad for all the alter 'Britney's' worldwide. Referred to here by proxy are women at large, girls, teenagers, adolescents & even older women. Britney Bitch is becoming the media archetype or meme for women who are considered to display irrational, ignorant, immature, uninhibited & irresponsible behavior. The archetype of the woman being promoted in this system (the western and modern culture) is the harlot and is this system's most recent attempt at fully degrading the feminine and the woman.  

The following young woman displays a very similar meme in a most disconnected and dissociated form towards a Florida judge on February 4th, 2013. It's suggestive of how not only the video of this woman went viral, but also the meme illustrated Britney B alter has gone viral among young girls.


From the video footage it's clear the teenager, who was in a totally dissociated state, was completely unaware she went way too far. The judge punished her with $10,000 bail & 30 days prison time for something that is normally considered a minor offense. This video went viral and it quickly hit headline news & national prime time news channels. Four days later she was ordered back in court where she was visibly devastated by the judge's verdict, but also because of all the national attention that erupted due to her first court appearance. "My behavior was very irrational, and I apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family”, she declared. It seems that this dissociative identity disorder is very successfully being promoted and inserted in the young girl populace at large. 

The comment below was posted on You Tube under one of the many 'apology' videos of the teenager. The comment illustrates the point of this article, i.e., that the identity of Britney B can be considered widely adopted by people and also it being a powerful meme inserted in the mindscape of young woman at large. 

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat stated the girl wasn’t entirely to blame for her behavior. “I should not even call you as totally responsible. We live in a society where if you listen to music, every other word is a profanity,” he said. He added she was free to leave prison & he revoked her $10.000 bond. In his final consideration the judge included the teenager's admission to having been under the influence of the prescription drug Xanax at the time of her first court appearance & her being a first-time offender.

The problem is judge Rodriguez-Chomat is also part of the modern society he is referring to in apology video above. Here's where the observation problem has to be included. Could this meme, now so powerfully downloaded via the media, have also affected the way the judge 'looked' at this girl, and could he have subtly played a role in his abuse of power as judge on a obvious drug addicted young teenager? Could this meme also have led to his need to over punish the Britney Bitch as is also gleaned in the Facebook comment above in which this girl is degraded by being compared to (a) Britney Bitch?

It's obviously very hard to draw straight lines, because the view is getting blurring. What is up, is actually down. What is right, is wrong. Finger pointing at one individual has become a treacherous game. Society at large should learn to accept that also the blamer is implicated in the observation process. It's is clear there is a dire need for global & self-awareness. Not only the youth, but the whole of society is bombarded from all sides in the spectrum. What can you expect of kids growing up on Disney characters and fast food, being under intense media scrutiny in its every shape and form? It's is impossible to get away from this. The onslaught of the media's incessant peddling of Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, Peter Pan, Mac Donald's, prescription medication, Hanna Montana a.k.a. Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Nicky Minaj.
Very noticeable is the reaction from the public on this trend, and the fact that it elicits a strong counter reaction and that is 'we don't like them B's much'. Consequently the war is on the individual, the feminine & society to be ripped further apart ... To be clear, this is not a case against the girls as such, moreover it's a case for developing true self-awareness, we should all start to wake up and smell the coffee. Ultimately this is a plan designed to keep everyone in an unconscious state of mind. It's meant to set One up against the Other, because there is such a lack of self consciousness.

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