February 23, 2008

Illusions & Projections

Illusions are basically referring to experience within the matrix of the relative. Like time, it cannot be measured without space and vice versa. Yet as the definition of relative clearly states; the relative is the contrary of the absolute. Absolute means perfect, complete or pure; hence the relative is polluted and dirty. It is something or some value or experience which is only considered or exists in comparison to something else. In this sense it has no inner or intrinsic value. It is done for external reasons versus for its own sake, en esse. In this sense it is a cloned reality or an image, not the real thing. The relative is always dependent on something else for its own value. The synonym of relative is dependent and in this sense it is the opposite of the real individual. It is conditioned and thus like a chameleon changes given the conditions it is in and thus it is not unconditional. In this sense it is always subject to fear or bribery; compromised. In terms of a personality we refer to it as false for it is one face in front of this person and the opposite in front of the other. It contradicts itself. In this sense of its definition as being proportionate; it is what we refer to as the shadow or the resonance of the bright side.

I always perceive the other relative to the state I am in. In this sense when not at-one with my shadow I am the proportion. I am caught in a matrix of relativity which is referred to below as the world or desert of illusions. If I am too hot I will experience the other as too cold. If I am full I will experience the glass as half empty while if am down I will see everything as too big for me (the glass is half full). I have no way of ever knowing what the glass is if I’m caught in resistance and thus in relativity. That is as long as I generate a shadow (resist). Only when I’m free of resistance and thus between too much and too little, when I contain the shadow, can I experience the glass beyond relativity.

Here what I experience is that I am the glass. The matrix of relativity veils me from a deeper reality where I am one with the glass. Space and time is here traded for non-locality which is referred to as the concept of eternal and spiritual. In this sense when we touch the shadow we connect to absolute silence and truth and unconditional love. We see the pain in the other for we have also seen it in us. This approach vis-à-vis the relative materialistic approach to medicine was depicted in a dream as: “At the end of the dream started to feel incredible love for this/these sick/blind people: agape love.” The proxy reality of the illusion veils us from this deeper reality which we can only know first handedly.

February 20, 2008

There's always 2

Everything has two sides; a positive and a negative side. If you decide to pursue the positive soon you will have to confront the negative, which you have always avoided. If the positive is there, the negative is also there. If you ignore this your eyes are shut.