March 03, 2013

Singularity: They are creating a rocket ship to blast u off Earth. I'm not Joking. This is not a Metaphor.

We often hear of mind over matter. But this is really the wrong approach. In this video u will see Jim Carrey get a feeling of exhilaration and freedom when he says that he found through this (what I call bliss-out) practice that he is freed from his thoughts. Doesn't have to worry anymore. This is the bliss out approach I have been cautioning for being not the right approach. Yet here i want to sketch where it is really heading. 

As with every good magician illusionist there must be good distraction. The hooking up of the mind via a chip into a smart mainframe is a real development (see article below) but is supplementary to, and really not, the real program hooking us up to a mainframe. In the article of the chipping and via the chip directly hooking up to the smart mainframe we find really the same thing as the non-dual movement in this video called Mind over Matter, but the other way around. As with everything digital or dichotomy based, they are opposite ways to the same problem and end destination. Very much like how extreme capitalism leads to the same absolutism as extreme socialism. Les extremes se touchent.

Scientists Successfully Implant Chip That Controls The Brain

In this video attached here first we find that they are not talking of Self, but consciousness, and a whole sea of it. And the leaving of the mind and thoughts and body; and hooking up to this sea of consciousness is bypassing the Self and real individuality (not only ego) and really the hooking up to the mainframe. As per the video, the problem is not just the hooking up to consciousness, we need a real Self to enter this quantum realm of oneness and being one with all. If there's no self we can't really speak of oneness with all, what there really is than is simply returning to amniotic nothingness. If not, without reaching Self, we are realy uploaded to this collective consciousness without individuality which is a hyperspace and really an imprisonment or loss of soul.

The whole purpose of history and the whole western development was about creating a sense of individuality. The surplus of it leads to individualism, but to fully out that fire is very dangerous. Both the chip and these consciousness practices are the extinction of the person. Without individuality there are no human rights and the whole concept of democracy & Montesquieu and rechtsstaat disappears. We relapse into a state of tribal dictatorship under a mainframe.

What is really happening with this mega bliss out out of body mass ritual is the creation of a spaceship UFO of sorts to blast us off into deep outer or hyperspace. It all really revolves around the 3 steps, 3-2-1 blast off, and the cutting off of the shadow or earth.

Out of Body & Out of Earth Experience

The video on Mind over Matter embedded here shows how this effort is blasting us off into what is classically called OBE's and what is called hyperspace in hyper dimensional physics. This is really the being blasted off and launched into deep outer zero G space which is in terms of a real quantum understanding really being abducted toward other/lower dimensions. This OBE-ing is going toward lower dimensions, and there will be huge outrage when people realize what they are participating in really in terms of this now global program.

We can see in the video how this freeing from thought is really zoning or blissing out which is deadly for the western mind, for it bypasses the shadow and the conscience, and is an abortion of the real butterfly we are supposed to become. This cutting off from the shadow leads to going out of body (OBE) via the pineal gland and third eye which is the portal and one eye so worshiped in these circles. When this is done en masse this leads to eventually what is called singularity or the blast off into hyper space. This singularity is sold as immortality but is really the death of the soul when this is done beyond return. What stays over here are empty shells which explains much of the zombie epidemic.

The whole Out of Body movement goes hand in hand with the lucid dreaming and other non-dual practices in the first video (mind over matter) to exit thoughts etc. Here below in this link we find a website with such lucid events, in this case calling it lucid light which promises everyone an out of body experience. This is part of the megaritual which took place on 2012 and which was all about this blissing out of body.

The Awakening Weekend

The following link is based on the same as this lucid light event and here based on this portal opening event.

Hypnagogic Light Experience with Lucia Lucia with Dirk and Engelbert in Stonehenge :) The portal opening tour continues....

This is another example of this blissing out approach which is leading to being basically abducted down the wrong rabbit hole. This whole movement is the dissolving into nothingness which all the new age leaders, many of which are directly out of secret military projects are in concert organizing around the planet.

At about 4 minutes of the first video Mind over Matter embedded above we find this non dual movement in no uncertain terms stating the Self is really nothing and thus how this whole movement is a dissolving into nothingness. This is really the full inverse of the finding of the true Self which is our infinite and unique core. Without it we cannot survive passage back to the true land of the infinite. Notice how it is also all based on rejecting the body and earth. Mind here is the phallic conscious over matter/mater. He is here making the case that the human has no core and is just at the core of it all a collective consciousness.

We Need Duality

The illusion is that being a unique being contradicts with being one with all. To the contrary without real individuals or whole parts (fractals) there is no real whole. The right time line leads to Self within wholeness and oneness with all. The non duality movement being voiced here is an abortion of the whole project and purpose of birthing the Self (the real monarch butterfly) on this planet. This version of enlightenment being promoted here is a return to uroboric oneness but aborting self...symbolized by the monarch slave butterfly.

Toward the end John Hagelin shows how in calling this approach to singularity non sectarian and non religious he is cutting it off from god and wedding it to science. He says this scientific practice to enlightenment transcends all religions...which means something very profound in this whole movement which is bent on bypassing the shadow work for reasons I have now very often mentioned. I have shown that, whist the the institute church is deeply rotten and corrupt, the message of the Nazarene was all about shadow and without this work we cannot advance to the next stage in the journey of the Self. So this organized destruction of the church is an attempt to also destroy this message of the real shadow work.   

We Need a Body

It's all based on OBE or getting out of their bodies which they call enlightenment and which is collectively the equivalent of getting off of earth. The true experience of unity beneath all cannot happen outside of Self and thus body. All of this unity talk without Self is really harnessing what we would call a lower hyperspace which is not of the real light and really based on what the media sells as Aliens.

In this video in the piece following Hagelin we get a fully wrong understanding of the right brain which is not as they say the source of symbols and religion, but is the feminine side of the mind. To hang now to the right instead of the left brain is making the same error now the other way around. And is symptomatic of the ungrounded New Age which really needs the left brain in union of the right to reach Self. Self is a union of the feminine and masculine.

No wonder that it ends with Joe Rogan saying it is all a psychedelic trip. For this is, as i have presented in a prior article on the 60ies part of the cards being played.

We need a sense of Separateness

The huge error being made here is not that the sense of separateness is an illusion but that it is an error. The sense of separateness we experience was created for a very special purpose which is to enable us to become self aware and look into a/the mirror. It is not an accident that we sense a sense of separateness when we look at the world. Without this there would be no ego (caterpillar) and without the ego via shadow work we could not reach Self which is the real goal. Not the dissolution back into nothingness from where we came from and in this way aborting the whole billion year journey and experience. What results from all of this is that what is seen as a mass ascension event is really mass abduction.