February 05, 2010

There are No Accidents

Last night I gave a repeat of the Dream Code lecture for all those who couldn't get in the first one. It was great. I've received much wonderful feedback, which I want to thank those that gave me again. The morning of/before the lecture (3 feb) I had a dream which I believe reflected the gist of what the lecture was about. In this dream I'm giving a lecture. Michael Douglas from the movie Wall Street (1987) is in the audience. He is playing the Wall Street guy/role he played in the film here in real life on me. I go on a rant saying: "Life is the role we play" (not a role but all or both roles): "the bad/devil and the good...and I mention a bunch of these binaries.
Than I say: "It is not a coincidence what role we are allocated in Movies as actors".
John Travolta is there. I say or refer to Travolta's role in Films as: Phenomenon. I say nothing is an accident; (referring to) the roles Michael Douglas gets vs. Travolta's roles. There are no accidents.
At the end I say: "I want to end with just this: I LOVE YOU".