February 28, 2013

Judgement Day as the Uncovering of the World Shadow

Perhaps the greatest error or omission of modern science is in the process of compartmentalizing and abstracting to understand, loosing a grasp and view on what Jung discovered as the unconscious and that what we call morality is really built into the very innermost fabric of reality. The ancients and indigenous would refer to it in their animated view of nature. This is why they would also approach nature with reverence and deep respect and even in a worshipful manner. Western reductionistic mechanistic science lost this in its compartmentalized view when it reduced nature to basically a mechanism and abstract forces. This is why Einstein said god does not play with dice. He really could not fathom nature being or behaving meaningfully or thus with intent.

In a prior writing (on the Pinocchio archetype) I said that our objectifying of nature went in tandem with our own objectification. We also did this to our view of the body, while we now know that the body is where the unconscious also resides and so that the body just like the dreams is part of how the unconscious and shadow can and does compensate us.

Meaning and Nature

Pauli and Jung proposed meaning as an alternative to causality. The radical shift in worldview thus that this would entail would eventually be too much to bear for even Pauli. The difference with the animistic worldview is that we would not be separate from this process of correction or judgement, which could be more accurately called unconscious self-judgement. So not only would become inevitable the fathoming of a deeper source of meaning involved in the direction of evolution but that we would be part of this synchronistic movement of evolution.

In fractal terms the body is a fractal of the larger body of the earth. And so not only the body would be able to respond to us in a meaningful and compensatory way but also nature could be seen as able to do this. This while the mechanistic view would make us see body and earth as requiring us to improve and fix them.

The shadow and its tendency to compensate us when we are too off beat (because of for instance concealing things) i have in other writings also argued can thus be seen as the inner justice system. The shadow and its tendency to compensate us is really what in the west has often been referred to as our conscience and in the east Karma. In the new sciences it is referred to as the self-organizing nature of reality.

The Inner Justice System

The real justice system is in ur body and u r in it. It is all around us and really what Jung discovered as the unconscious. Being the unconscious, it is nature itself. It is not only a set of abstract separate laws as science views nature. Neither is it a catalogue of written private laws which someone/group administers to another (for its own benefit). We all have learnt too well that all we find in that law concept is that the administrator of that form of justice never applies it to themselves. Everybody is subject to this real justice called the unconscious. Meaning that both external and internal nature is moral, in terms which will be delineated below.

It is neither like: please write it on ur heart. It is built into ur Self (which is what heart meant in that context), and thus ur atoms, as ur inner self-compass. It is not a system to punish u. It is a system to heal u. Because peace (wholing/healing) can only come after justice, which is the internal compensation/balancing that the shadow establishes to correct/heal our lopsidedness.

We Are Judging Ourselves

Yet perhaps most shocking of all is that it is thus a part of ourselves doing it to ourselves. So for instance we find the shadow emerging in diseases really as a means to correct the person from being off beat in key aspects of their lives. For instance prostate cancer can be the way someone who off beat in this area of their (sexual) life would be compensating themselves. So what we find thus really here is how a part of us ourselves is compensating us because we are very off beat in certain areas of our lives.

How hard the shadow or what we have concealed and have hidden returns in this sense depends on how willing we are to accept its corrective effect. It can be a drop, a leak, a flood or a Tsunami...a volcano, an earthquake.

The shadow work is the remembering of the parts we have cut off, hidden, buried. When not done consciously the shadow reemerges via diseases, accidents and at near death experiences or death as a final life review or judgement. Lying and deceit is really at the core of the rejecting of the shadow. This is why the shadow work is the real justice process.

The World Shadow

What we are witnessing worldwide is this compensatory process occurring similar to how it occurs individually, now collectively. This is because we are at an end of cycle/time and like at the end of a person's life, now we must undergo this life/history review if we are to move onto the next level. Individually vulcanos, floods, earthquakes, Tsunamis represent the violent return of the shadow or what is concealed in someone's life. I have for instance witnessed this in the dreams in terms of an individual. For instance an earthquake in this person's dreams would correlate with a heart-attack out of the dreams. It is like a built in mechanism we have in our most innermost to stop us from a totally wrong development and not fully self destruct.

It can really be anything and everything that will curb the wrong direction we are on. In dreams of someone for instance on a too inflated (too high yang) track we can find being attacked or a very hard fall as a way this inflation is curbed. The problem is that too often it is not understood.

This is now happening globally in terms of the uncovering of the world shadow. The current global system, the way this happens with a very split and lopsided inflated individual, is crumbling and must fall because it is based on deep corruption, crimes and injustices. It is premised on a very instable foundation.

It is no coincidence that we see the huge banking cartels, heads of religious bastions many states, huge corporations etc etc. all loosing all credibility and falling. So this apocalypse, we are all experiencing at the individual level is also being replicated collectively. It all depends on us how huge the compensation will be given how much we allign with this compensatory movement to come clean, or we keep enabling a lopsided system...

February 23, 2013

Are We Having Fun Yet?! (Meaning of Bliss out Illuminati Card Game)

In this writing will be illustrated briefly how a huge part of the New Age bliss out approaches which have come from the east (the false usage of these), are actually found in the very Card Deck referred to as the Illuminati cards. Meaning thus that this is one of the key pieces of the Illuminati script being unfolded and which ends with the Asteroids card and the Alien invasion card.

At that point, of the Asteroid and then the Alien invasion card we reach what the media is literally calling now 'Zero Hour' (ABC t.v. series premiered on February 15th.), which is the point I have often referred to as bifurcation. It is also referred to as singularity. Bifurcation of the 2 timelines means the timelines will start to separate and that one side goes onto hook up more and more to the smart computer mainframe environment. Which leads to a hoax rapture or singularity, where those entering are really abducted to a lower digital dimension in which soul or individuality is lost. The card discussed here has bearing on that development.

It is in the 60's with the whole hippie, flower power movement that we find a major piece of the puzzle, represented in this card, where drugs, psychedelics, combined with eastern techniques "supplemented" with western psychoanalysis were used in what I've often referred to as 'bliss-out', 'zone out' or 'space out' techniques. This is no coincidence; In dreams we found that these techniques are literally taking people to deep outer space like the Moon, Mars and even Saturn, the home of the cyber god: Prometheus. One needs to understand that we are the signal not the tv set, so where this signal is being raptured to is crucial.

I want to explicitly state that this says nothing of the eastern techniques as Meditation, Tantra etc in and of themselves, which within the eastern tradition have evolved for the mind within that tradition and the basic problem that has to be solved there.

Yet this 60's bliss out program has gone hand in hand with many of the eastern gurus who have come to the west within this context and have been not always the real sacred private eastern traditions necessarily.

We see leading bands as the Rolling Stones with songs as: "I can't get no satisfaction... and I try... and I try..."; clearly representing the bliss out (get Stoned) approach. We see also The Beatles under the tutelage of Maharishi, literally creating the global anthems for free sex and 'do whatever you want' fueled by drugs. The dictum ignorance is bliss is really what was fostered by this card/agenda in the sense that if u didn't see something it didn't exist, which was really a method for cutting off the shadow in disguise. And thus a ticket onto the false time line. This laid the basis for a next generation which resulted from this 'everything goes' tradition not even knowing who their real father is, etc.

It laid the basis for the destruction of the corner stone of society: the nuclear family. In the way Big Pharma has taken over the role of the drugs; the test tube babies etc have intensified the organized attack on the family. The cutting off of all responsibility from actions is the typical way in which the shadow is cut off.  

Another eastern guru which has gained plenty acclaim in the west in this context is Osho. This excerpt below is from The Hindu Times:
"Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh or simply Rajneesh was one of the most controversial spiritual leaders of 20th century. He found divinity in sexuality and allegedly taught his disciples, to follow free sex as a way to nirvana.
Blending Tantra, Zen, and Western psychotherapy into his teachings, Osho's message appealed to people who were either looking for experimentation, for hedonistic pleasures or came from disturbed, broken family backgrounds."
This generation was completely derailed with free sex and anything goes... It was not only the beginning of the destruction (like the Atom) of the real nuclear family unit as the basic building block of reality and society, but was the lack of foundation of what was come afterwards: a Zombie generation.

Stoned vs True Bliss

Here below is added a link to a video presentation of the well known Graham Hancock, which illustrates the bliss out program installed in the 60's, with his own case. Like we see with all these cases this program never really stopped. It only evolved and became stronger. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Hancock's formative years were spent in India. In the video below he shares a personal encounter with death during an Ayahuasca induced NDE, which prompted him to stop the use of marihuana immediately. He had used marihuana for 24 years. The Ayahuasca NDE lead him to an encounter with what he called mother Ayahuasca. She told him the path he was on, his abuse of marihuana; his never changing inflated behavior, would inevitably lead to annihilation after death.

After death, mother Ayahuasca revealed, he would be found wanting, in what the Egyptians referred to as a court for final judgment, the hall of Osiris. This drug use, bliss out scheme installed in the 60's was later taken over by the unholy alliance between psychiatry & Big Pharma. Graham says Ayahuasca could never be used as a drug for fun, because it makes one very sick, and I add induces a NDE. After his return to the UK he never used marihuana again. The marihuana withdrawal made him a nicer, more creative person he says. This is because he stopped blissing-out.

Real Shamans use Ayahuasca in real rituals and not for fun or blissing out or thus running from the shadow. It is also made in the brain as DMT which is not accessible to the split stoned mind. Shadow work, is as painful as using Ayahuasca because it entails also a painful kind of life review back to all the places we have cut off. Therefore touching the shadow connects us to Self and I believe what is experienced as the somatic correlate of the numinousity (wholeness) of the Self: endogenous DMT. This is what in dreams connects us to the Mother (Sophia) which I believe is the same Mother Graham refers to here.

What Graham relates, is an encounter with the collective unconscious which is really the Judge or the Sophia (Lady Justice), and is absolutely no fun whatsoever because everything concealed for our whole life to ourselves is uncovered. Before reaching back to Paradise we must undergo this life-review which is a NDE and the only image really catching it is the true crucifixion or being impaled on a stake. We can not get back in the Kingdom unless we remember childhood, not bliss out from it. That blissing out approach jump started in the 60's is the yellow brick road to the underworld false emerald city which is fully digital or fake and lacking any reality to it.  Right here we have the two time lines, one heading back to the lost Kingdom and the other heading to the underworld.

The deeper we go toward the collective unconscious the more painful it becomes especially if we haven't processed and assimilated the shadow. There's no other way to reenter Eden. Those who truly survive the life review of the shadow work, which is indeed Judgement day, are in their dreams returning to the trees of life. Toward bifurcation we will start to see these collective dreams as real, which is the direct experience of Self and what we now see as dream. But this is also so for the false time line and those on it. This is the convergence of space time with where u are at in ur dreams or thus at the level of the collective unconscious. Therefore what we are doing now is on us, as simple as that because Judgement day has begun collectively at this end of cycle. 

Apocalypse: Uncovering the World Shadow

The danger with exogenous Ayahuasca is that as Graham says such a life review all in one and thus judgement can be too much to handle. It can take years to uncover and digest the total shadow in the dreams. But this is what is now occurring collectively. The dreams say we are in Judgement day.

The dreams do this in a very gradual way so we can fully digest what comes up. Being thrown into it can cause psychosis. This is basically what is happening in the world: the uncovering of all the filth at once coming up out of the sewer system in very high places yet implicating everyone. As in Graham's experience we are ending up by the same place we left off before the Fall from Eden which is where the indigenous still are. But there are now two options.

Toward the end of the book of revelation, which ends back at the portals of Eden where we left off, we find a final Judgement taking place, very much like in Graham's experience but collectively. This correlates with the end of a uroboric precession cycle which would also be thus the return to Eden after this descent.

In the collective dreams we have found a collective court process has begun. This coheres with the meaning of the Apocalypse, which is the uncovering of the world shadow. We are witnessing the coming out of all or uncovering of all that has been concealed at the highest places and everywhere. 

The apocalypse in someone's life is when all of the concealed shadow returns at the end or at some crucial point. This can mean the end of someone, or if they accept what is coming up and truly deal with it and come clean etc., there can be redemption. This same coming out of the shadow (all that has been hidden and concealed) like a Tsunami is happening collectively and this is what the court case in the collective unconscious means. All of the corruption and secrets are coming out, they are trying but will not be able to hide the evidence. 

The false timeline is trying to imitate the true time line. Their cyber neon green Emerald city will be the imitation of the true Garden of Eden. Given the Illuminati cards, the last cards are being played now, because everything is coming out... everything. They have to play the last cards. Which thus also means that the bifurcation is not far away.           

February 20, 2013

We Are Pinocchio

Everything is really a mirror and a symbol of self or self image. We are really always really telling ourselves things. It is endemic in the very nature of reality. This is how reality is made. This is why both in our dreams and surrounding us we are always being confronted with a mirror.

The video attached here is very symbolic of a culture that is stuck in a reverse Pinocchio archetype. Pinocchio wanted to become human and have real feelings. Yet this culture is driven by a way of thinking fueled by a positivistic reductionistic /materialistic concept of science, which objectifies everything. If you can put a price on trees, rivers, oceans, animals, women, people, to exploit sell and buy, where nothing whatsoever is sacred or meaningful anymore, it is because you have objectified everything.

What we do to the other we are doing to ourselves, because we are really interacting with our projections and interpretations of things, not what is really out there. And this becomes increasingly so the deeper we look at reality. The illusion is that it is 'out there', but new physics has discovered that it is really an extension of self. This is why we are a species which is at this point suicidal, not knowing that what we do to others and the earth we are doing to ourselves.

It is this detached observer which is slowly becoming a wooden object. So what are doing to the surrounding we are doing to ourselves. This objectifying and thus wanting to buy and sell everything is thus turning US (ourselves) into Pinocchio or wooden dolls. This turning into wood is what is happening to all of us caught in this program/culture. What u do to the other u are doing to yourself. We must see this. The joke is on us. This truth cannot be escaped not even in outer space...not even on Mars.

Pinocchio's Nose: Pathological Liar

The part of the growing of Pinocchio's nose goes hand in hand with becoming wood or an object. This is the same archetype as the becoming of machines or Borgs due to fully splitting (multipl-ing) and eventually loosing all connection with inside or soul and thus remote controlled from without by a smart mainframe system. This becoming more and more robotic and wooden goes hand in hand with a loss of empathy which is also the basis for the growing of Pinocchio's nose.

The loss of empathy leads to a loss of the real golden principles of treat thy neighbor as thyself and thus is the basis of the pathological lying we find at the top of the Pyramid. This is really another version of the evil-genius archetype we find at the top of the pyramid.

This is the archetype which goes hand in hand with what I called in a vlog I made: Apex poison , or the mental poisoning/intoxication that too much power gives, and the survivor mode hunger games culture where the reptilian brain and primal self is activated.

This is the archetype invoked in the pyramid structure which is why we see so many falling from the top at so many sacrosanct institutions, and so many crimes and corruption being committed. The reptile, Borg, Pinocchio at the top (inflation) has no feelings, empathy for nothing because it experiences everything as a dead object because s/he has becoming a wooden doll or object.


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February 16, 2013

Smart Laws versus Moral People (Law &The Observation Problem)

A few years ago I made a few videos on what I called the Observation Problem, which grew out from graduate research I was doing at the time in Holland, where I realized that we are really stuck in projections and therefore can't see what is really out there. Here I will apply what i call thus the observation problem to the idea of smart laws in particular which is surfacing all over (for instance at the heart of the 2013 State of the Union Address regarding gun laws) and in general to what I call the smart system, which is being erected around us. The question I begged reflecting upon this was if there can be good, smart or bad laws? And this, much in the same vein as my prior writing regarding the gun debate of which the gist was: there can be no good or bad guns. Here I will shortly reflect upon why this is the case.
In one of my recent writings I stated: "My take on the whole gun control controversy: Thoughts are the real bullets. If thoughts are the real bullets. Do u c what is really causing the violence and shootings, but remaining stealth in this whole rhetoric?" 
A lack of awareness of the observation problem I have in the past also compared in archetypal terms with the myth of the cyclops and that having one eye represents persons unaware of how they are really caught in and react to their own interpretations of things... not the things. Very simply, the one eye stands for the observer who is unaware that what is being observed is really self. Ignorance of the Observation Problem leads to falling into the illusion that 'what I am looking at is separate from me' and that 'what I am in first instance experiencing is my own coloring of this thing and thus myself... I will in a concentrated fashion explain this and the question begged here.

Beyond interpretation is the Self
There is no law separate from those making, interpreting and having to live by them. This rhetoric of talking about smart laws and /or (banning) guns as such for example, leads to a dissociation from both the interpreter and (subsequent objectification of) those its brunt is brought to bear on. Leading to the illusion that laws in and of themselves can act as some guiding principles loose from people and Self. The whole view based on remaining caught in the illusion of separateness to the observed is the inverse of where true understanding of the observation problem takes us which is inward and toward Self (capital S) which is the real Law. The self organizing and self regulating mechanism in Self, and thus beyond that deeper Self itself, is where we find the real Law. This was alluded to by the saying regarding writing the law on one's heart. It meant really, the heart being an allusion to Self, that the Law was within us. To live by the law was to find this inner core of self...in which case it is called morality. This external law approach makes a world of difference in terms of how we pursue, practice and apply the Law and is exactly counter to where we have to go with law.

Morals, Law & Dogma
Talking about laws in full separation of self (the maker / interpreter etc.) is like the dogma of church with Bible, saying: 'The word of God says...it is written..." and thus totally the other direction of seeing that it is an interpretation. Such a literal fully externalized or dissociated approach to Laws is really a huge leap back to the Dark Ages before there was any level of self reflection whatsoever in how we read texts.

Evil - Smart / Genius
Smart laws, and it is hard to see the obvious nowadays, is the inverse development away from developing conscious people. So notice not smart, but conscious people. Wherever you hear the word smart or intelligent, like in 'smart laws' or 'emotional intelligence', 'smart phones',' smart gadgets'; think of Evil Genius. It really comes from what we call Artificial Intelligence, which is what a system fully based on the Cyclops Archetype eventually becomes, because it is devoid of the feminine and the soul. That is the way the Evil Genius and its pyramid (high) archetype works: with smarts, intelligence... smart laws... strategy... not with morality and away from Self where we find morality as the (true) Law. It's all in the obvious... External smart laws versus Morality which is within...

Law & Dissociation
This external approach to law avails of a dissociation from these smart laws, which is why the persons promoting these smart laws & guiding (policy) principals can achieve to not see that what they themselves do is anti-morality. We speak of and focus on the smart laws and in the process remain oblivious of the fact that we violate ourselves each and every tenet of these guidelines of behavior. This also leads to the objectification of the the one it is applied to. Eventually and in terms of Evil Genius it is the best Hegelian strategy to build a prison around people by consent.

Police State vs Self
Finally and where this is all leading to is that the real approach to real law inward is all about finding the Self (inward and with the capital S), because this includes the observer in the picture of the law and thus not as something outside of us. The very approach to creating ever more or now the oxymoron ever smarter laws, and thus we see because of this, generates the very behavior it pretends to stop. Because the more the law is out there, the less it is developed inside. Like an addict, the more we get the fix from outside, the more we will not be able to regulate from within. It's not a matter of needing this now until we have a fully better world, because this approach is generating the bad behavior and next to this nothing is being done to develop the Self and inner sense of Law. In this sense this smart artificial intelligent system is really the prison being erected around you.

Jungian psychology is all about finding the Self which is not some smart external law, but which is the Moral version of me. The me which has integrity and balance. As long as the law is outside of us, we will be in big trouble. This is the great problem with lawyers and lawmakers nowadays, because these laws are created in abstract and totally separate to the people and the maker and only an eventual police state will be able to implement them. The current system which is based on creating these smart bombs, smart drones, smart laws, smart gadgets, smart meters etc... is the inverse / anti of a system which would be based and premised on developing self awareness and connection to Self or inner law: Morality. One only needs to look how girls are prostituted and objectified on all stages in the West to see that the smart laws and smart world is inverse to morality. Laws are played with in this system because they are external. As Lao Tsu said the more laws a nation has, the more lawless the nation behaves: the rule of (external) Law is an anti-morality system. The whole idea of writing the law upon ones heart is violated by this external law system.  To keep law & order a military police state is a must and has become the obvious.

A.I. versus God
The same as with addiction to drugs or gun ab-use, no amount of smart laws will make us smart and balanced in our usage of anything outside of us for that matter. It is like treating addiction to drugs with more drugs (Rx). While the inner work is left and relegated to some unknown future, because things have gotten too dangerous on the short term. This is the big illusion, because this approach is what is generating this very 'state' the smart laws are so-called addressing. The work has to be done on the self in order to be able to deal with anything outside of us in a moderate / balanced / integer way. Only connecting to Self will truly change behavior from within. The smart laws will eventually require smart gadgets and smart bombs to implement, while cities turn into veritable emerald Sodom and Gomorrah underworld Gotham cities of Oz.

The whole smart system being implemented is really a system outside of the human being, which will 'guide' and control and regulate the person from without, while we are only real aware humans when we self regulate. This smart artificial system will eventually triangulate into a huge artificial intelligence mainframe evolved to regulate and control human beings from without, while we were created with an inner compass with at the deepest center of our being what we called god, but which the church also tried to externalize from us and privatize.

We don't need to develop a smart system around of us to control us. We need to develop human beings and their capacity to feel justice from within. The argument that that is a future Utopia given that now there are so many bad people out there that we need protecting from is Hegelian rhetoric. For we will create the evidence to support this belief/solution. All the money is going into smart laws, smart bombs, smart planes, smart gadgets, etc.

Nothing is being done in the field of True Mental Care to develop the person from within toward inner law. Be-aware of the obvious, that whenever you hear the word smart, intelligent or genius, it's based on the divorce of the feminine and thus feelings and heart. It is a red flag and trigger word (meme) in and of itself. The whole smart intelligent movement is solar and phallic. Inevitably it'll become an external prison and control system where a mechanical artificial intelligence, the Matrix Architect, will eventually try to take over human being and feelings. Without emotions and inner being the human will become a Borg... a human machine hybrid. It is this smart system that will eventually re-engineer the human into a machine like hybrid being, but is really a system which is bent on rejecting and cutting off the feminine, the organic...  Earth... the real. Smart cards will sooner or later opt to either damage Mother Earth to irreparable levels where machine beings thrive or move to outer space... Sooner or later this smart system will erect a computer around you and you will find yourself locked into a fully artificial computer game in which you are simply a player and the mainframe controls your fate.

Look how in the audio file above is said by the scholar Professor Cornel West, exactly one of the core points made in my article above, that within this incontinent concept of external law, the ones that apply it to others never apply it to themselves. I argued that given the observation problem this is inherent in this externalized incontinent concept of law now currency in this evil-smart/genius system we are in. This is the problem with the one eye smart system which thinks the laws and law is outside and for instance in smart laws. But what we have found is that the law is a compensatory system inside each and everyone of us, meaning thus also that no one can escape it. 
West says: “I think we have to be very honest, let us not be deceived: Nixon, Bush, Obama, they’re war criminals,” West said. “They have killed innocent people in the name of the struggle for freedom, but they’re suspending the law, very much like Wall Street criminals. The law is suspended for them, but the law applies for the rest of us. You and I, brother Tavis, if we kill an innocent person we go to jail, and we’re going to be in there forever.” 
I argue that this is an inherent property of the one eye condition as understood via the observation problem where the cyclope is unaware of self. the observation problem is based on the age old problem of seeing the splinter in the other but not beam in ones own eye, which is seemingly still more applicable today than ever.

American academic Noam Chomsky said recently: the US a leading terrorist state if international law is applied. This explains, very much in line with the observation problem the extreme obsession with terrorists abroad.  

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*Cornel West: Obama is a ‘war criminal’ who has killed ‘over 200 children’

February 14, 2013

The Meaning of the 'Britney Bitch' Program

In June of 2012 Will.i.am came out with a new song called 'Scream & Shout' featuring Britney Spears. In the music video Britney Spears' alter ego persona is revealed, named 'Britney Bitch'.

We made a very extensive podcast analyzing the music video 'Scream & Shout' & 'Diamonds' from Rihanna.  In the same podcast, The True Meaning of the End of the Mayan Calendar, is discussed how these pop diva's are being exploited, but also how these videos are being used to program the world at large. What is exactly meant with 'Britney Bitch'? It's becoming evident, like discussed in the podcast mentioned above, that we are dealing here with a collective program. Aimed at here is the ongoing war on the feminine. The program is plotting the ground to grow a societal mindset where it's considered all good to create alter personalities. Worse yet, what's being encouraged is, is to develop a persona for every occasion.  Not only Britney Spears is used to portray alter personalities. It has become trendy to fashion alters. Beyoncé at the Super Bowl 2013 halftime show comes out on a stage which displays two faces opposite each other. Beyoncé has a music album named after her on-stage alter ego Sasha Fierce, which basically boils down to the same alter ego as Britney Bitch. During the preparation for the show Beyoncé insisted on a stage which would display her two opposing faces representing different identities dissociated. The alter roles modeled in the media do not mix, and in what we have been able to glean of these girls in interviews, sometimes don't even know of the other. The Britney Bitch sub identity or alter is associated with diva behavior, overly sexual, blissed out, zombie like, out-of-it, miss-behavior, after-dark party girl, etc. An extreme manic pole which has no inhibitions or brakes.

It has now been ten months since the release of Scream & Shout. One would think the hype of the music video would have subsided. The opposite is true. Britney Spears could not have been aware at the time of the extent of the repercussion of her name change, her identity change, to Britney Bitch in the media. She's now even publicly referred to as Britney Bitch for instance below in an E!Online Facebook post. Yet in this post we get to the gist of an actual bipolar disorder being turned into global fad. This precious too sweet woman below looks nothing like the Britney Bitch persona above. We saw this same fully opposite alter appear in a 2008 tv-interview with Diane Sawyer where the word 'weird' seemed to trigger this sweet fully opposite alter to the BB persona. The disturbing observation which emerges here is, not only that are we looking at an on-stage dissociative identity disorder, but that it's being actively promoted under the young girls as a off-stage new ideal. 

It is disturbing to see Britney be called out 'Britney Bitch' in broad daylight. Surely as a mother of two boys, she would prefer 'Miss Spears' instead. This is very sad for Britney, but not only for her. It's also sad for all the alter 'Britney's' worldwide. Referred to here by proxy are women at large, girls, teenagers, adolescents & even older women. Britney Bitch is becoming the media archetype or meme for women who are considered to display irrational, ignorant, immature, uninhibited & irresponsible behavior. The archetype of the woman being promoted in this system (the western and modern culture) is the harlot and is this system's most recent attempt at fully degrading the feminine and the woman.  

The following young woman displays a very similar meme in a most disconnected and dissociated form towards a Florida judge on February 4th, 2013. It's suggestive of how not only the video of this woman went viral, but also the meme illustrated Britney B alter has gone viral among young girls.


From the video footage it's clear the teenager, who was in a totally dissociated state, was completely unaware she went way too far. The judge punished her with $10,000 bail & 30 days prison time for something that is normally considered a minor offense. This video went viral and it quickly hit headline news & national prime time news channels. Four days later she was ordered back in court where she was visibly devastated by the judge's verdict, but also because of all the national attention that erupted due to her first court appearance. "My behavior was very irrational, and I apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family”, she declared. It seems that this dissociative identity disorder is very successfully being promoted and inserted in the young girl populace at large. 

The comment below was posted on You Tube under one of the many 'apology' videos of the teenager. The comment illustrates the point of this article, i.e., that the identity of Britney B can be considered widely adopted by people and also it being a powerful meme inserted in the mindscape of young woman at large. 

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat stated the girl wasn’t entirely to blame for her behavior. “I should not even call you as totally responsible. We live in a society where if you listen to music, every other word is a profanity,” he said. He added she was free to leave prison & he revoked her $10.000 bond. In his final consideration the judge included the teenager's admission to having been under the influence of the prescription drug Xanax at the time of her first court appearance & her being a first-time offender.

The problem is judge Rodriguez-Chomat is also part of the modern society he is referring to in apology video above. Here's where the observation problem has to be included. Could this meme, now so powerfully downloaded via the media, have also affected the way the judge 'looked' at this girl, and could he have subtly played a role in his abuse of power as judge on a obvious drug addicted young teenager? Could this meme also have led to his need to over punish the Britney Bitch as is also gleaned in the Facebook comment above in which this girl is degraded by being compared to (a) Britney Bitch?

It's obviously very hard to draw straight lines, because the view is getting blurring. What is up, is actually down. What is right, is wrong. Finger pointing at one individual has become a treacherous game. Society at large should learn to accept that also the blamer is implicated in the observation process. It's is clear there is a dire need for global & self-awareness. Not only the youth, but the whole of society is bombarded from all sides in the spectrum. What can you expect of kids growing up on Disney characters and fast food, being under intense media scrutiny in its every shape and form? It's is impossible to get away from this. The onslaught of the media's incessant peddling of Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, Peter Pan, Mac Donald's, prescription medication, Hanna Montana a.k.a. Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Nicky Minaj.
Very noticeable is the reaction from the public on this trend, and the fact that it elicits a strong counter reaction and that is 'we don't like them B's much'. Consequently the war is on the individual, the feminine & society to be ripped further apart ... To be clear, this is not a case against the girls as such, moreover it's a case for developing true self-awareness, we should all start to wake up and smell the coffee. Ultimately this is a plan designed to keep everyone in an unconscious state of mind. It's meant to set One up against the Other, because there is such a lack of self consciousness.

February 09, 2013

Objectivity leads to Seperateness

Due to the fact that we have been running pretty much on automatic pilot,
we have been dealt many cards which were subtly turning us against ourselves. 
One of them is the whole notion of objectivity in science. 

b ... bikini.. beer
While sold to us as being the opposite of subjectivity, what it means is that this process of science makes us look at others, animals, plants, earth, our own daughters etc as objects. 
Children Modeling In Bikinis At Car Show In China Cause Controversy
6 year old girl 'modeling' at car show
It's like when you hear someone say regarding young girls totally vulgar exposed all but naked on a stage for others to 'observe' that they reduced them to a piece if meat. 
So implicit in reducing something to an object means reducing it to something which we have no relationship with, no feelings, no bond... nothing. This is why in science we find such terrible animal abuse. But it doesn't stop with animals. 

We test nuclear bombs in oceans full of life and animals. The objective view inherently sees abject objects. This is how science has also come to see human beings. The objective view sees abject objects from which it is totally separate. And this lack of bond to it: the tree, the water, the earth... makes it very easy to destroy it..., experiment upon it..., disrespect it..., humiliate it... All empathy and connection is lost, and even inanimate objects, which have lost all organic life are alive. They are very close to spirit... like precious stones. But we teach our children: to objectify or thus disconnect. The disconnection leads to why more and more people find it totally okay to keep harassing the earth with our invasive intrusions into her to rob her from her precious materials so we can maintain societies of addiction... to futilities. 

Should we be teaching objectivity toward the trees, the water, the food, the earth, the body etc? Or should we teach our children that they are the water, they are the trees, the food, the earth etc. 
Is it really so strange that we have: a world of animal abuse and torture, where the earth is mined and fracked, where we treat our daughters like abject objects and prostitutes on stages, use drones to kill mothers and children.... where entering schools and shooting down young children is an epidemic; if at the core of our teachings is to be objective and thus objectify others...?

February 08, 2013

What is the Matrix ?

What is the Matrix? 
In the end what you are first and formostly experiencing & battling with is your own belief system. Separating mind from matter, 'the world around you', and the physical was part of the creation of the illusion which would become the prison.

Therefore what the Matrix really boils down to is a belief that there's a Matrix/prison outside you, separate from you, toward which you are powerless.
At 2:48 Morpheus clearly says "It is a prison for your mind".
And in the beginning (@1:16) Morpheus gives it away when he asks Neo if he believes in fate, or thus not being in control of his own destiny.

The matrix is your belief there is a matrix outside of you which is in control of you. 

A thought process which keeps you focused on something outside of you and keeps you fighting 'it' or attaching to 'it', not seeing your own thought process/belief itself.

People locked up in physical prisons just make you believe the prison is 'out there', just like addicts,  due to which you will never figure out that your own mind is being used by you to imprison you ...that you are a slave of yourself. That the warden of your prison is you yourself.

Nobody will fight u harder than yourself for freeing yourself.
That's now the best place to hide the prison, from ourselves, i.e., in your own mind, and make ourselves the very warden of our own prison.
No other prison could in the end be able to sustainably keep everyone locked up.

February 07, 2013

Judgement Day 1: Everything concealed is coming out

Explanation of Judgement Day in terms of the shadow :

Looks like the embargo on the shadow has been lifted.
A lot of deeply repressed and concealed info is coming out and fast.
We must weather it to get to the next level.
We must dare to see ourselves naked.
 It will be very painful but it will heal us from our hypocrisy at which core lies our splitness. No more 2 faces. No more cosmetics and blissing out in ignorance, just sober bare nakedness.
We must look at ourselves now. The time has come!
Nothing can stop this wave.... which is flooding the very foundations of the current world order ...

This video was made on the backdrop of this next video: 
 Native American Shuts Down Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest: ‘Y’all Are All Illegal!!!’

Hard Core shadow work in action (in line with my analysis of the Dakota 38 + 2 documentary.  

February 06, 2013

There Is No Spoon

What is now around us in terms of reality is at its core quantum. But if it is our senses which shield us off from that deeper core where things can be zero's and one's at the same time; and what is what we call now the quantum, is from inside the deepest layers of the mind >> ; than we will soon realize that the most important thing to learn how to master is our own mind, because what is around us is really the deepest layers of the mind.
When we truly learn to master our own mind we will realize that when I change toward the deepest layers of my being, the surrounding changes accordingly. We need a new education which will teach students how to master their own mind.
With master I don't mean manipulate, because that would bring us back into the machine and mechanism paradigm. Not only quantum physics is really psychology of self but everything is.
The real leader will develop the minds of his team, not design procedures and structures and roles externally. We got stuck in the wrong paradigm creating machines in our own image while the real nature of the quantum is not a machine but spirit.
The word Quantum Mechanics is wrong. The whole point is that at that level we go beyond mechanics and really step into the land of the infinite. Only the deep spiritual levels of the mind can navigate that landscape which is really a mindscape thus.
The real education is how to reach those deepest layers of the mind where we see 'we are the spoon'. Not as the wrong timeline has gotten lost in, i.e., creating quantum computers as a means to tap this level of energy. And looking at people as human resources to attain external goals.
The human is the goal and purpose of creation...not a resource.

February 05, 2013

An Jungian Analysis of Super Bowl 2013 commercial: Tide Joe Montana Miracle Stain

Much in terms of the prior post on the Ram Truck Super Bowl video  here in Tide's Joe Montana Miracle stain we find the same mockery of the same topic. Here a stain is depicted as the image of "Jesus" and the whole miracle thing made fun of in a very blatant way to the whole wide world. This stain mockery of Jesus is classical bully behavior you find in elementary school. This is done when they are really afraid of the one they are mocking.

Obviously those who know my work know I am a vehement critic of the church. But that I have also stated because the dreams have represented this, that it seems that someone 2000 yrs ago did come with a message and that that message seemed to be related to the shadow work. We see this in all the traces that were left in the bible, which we know has been abused and changed but traces of truth had to be left in to make the deception more believable. The part of the beam and the splinter but many many other parts attributed to the Nazarene seemed to be about this work of separating the mind and than uniting the opposites.

We don't have to throw away the baby with the bath water. It does make perfect sense that not only they would TRY to joyride the very shadow work as a means to get people to merge with Darkness represented in almost every clip of the Super Bowl as the pyramid by superimposing it on the very shadow, but that this figure and the whole real story would be made a mockery of. The evil genius part which correlates so good with the using of the shadow to reject the very shadow is how Tide (soap powder) and thus washing, which is the core image of the real shadow work, is used as an image to wash away the very image of Jesus which really represented the Self in each and everyone of us. So you are being showing in your face plain sight that the true Self and shadow are being washed away by this fake approach (Tide), and replaced by a mechanical impersonator on both levels, i.e., as the Christ and the Self.
The real washing represents the union with the feminine.

An Jungian Analysis of the Super Bowl 2013 Commercial 'Ram Trucks - Farmer'

The commercial starts with "And on the 8th day God looked down on his Plant Paradise and said I need a caretaker." Check out the image @ 1:03 for the signature placed now literally everywhere of where this false time line is rapturing everybody. Here the honest and hardworking image of the farmer is "used" as the template like a sort of work horse, to portray the Ram Truck as the Self ("The farmer in all of us"), where as the honest farmer is supposed to be the real Self as the seed to be realized at the 8th day or at the end of the 7th day of creation, and as the fulfillment of the creator's purpose and purpose of creation.
The Ram truck which is another signature (its logo) is here portrayed as the realization of the purpose of creation which is a work horse machine (mechanical farmer) which same template we saw in the image of the Mercedes-Benz car portrayed as a terminator/transformer human machine. The evil-genius via joyriding the creation thus wants to turn ('enhance') the creation into his creation (product of re-engineering); which is really a (quantum) machine/being/Borg of sorts.

The whole idea of a Plant Paradise is wrong, because the Garden of Eden was a symbol for the fact that we are the trees and the seeds are the Self. So the real tending to the garden (not industrial agriculture) was the process (with the shadow) to unfold the Self seed/acorn, not enslave the human as a work horse and slowly hybridize/re-engineer the human (and nature) into a machine which is what the whole media is obsessed with. one needs real eyes to see the real-lies. It is all done in a way to be noticed by the unconscious, but to escape the conscious sublimely subliminally. When the true purpose of the creation (the butterfly) emerges from the 7th day, it will be a being in a quantum experience of reality.

Adam and Eve were not workhorses and didn't kill the animals in paradise. They lived beyond the illusion of separateness of our current senses which shield us off from that deeper core where things can be zero's and one's at the same time. They could directly experience real reality, be really one with it. Industrial agriculture is a result of the separation from this direct oneness and thus the fall. The Ram Trucks commercial video and the Tide Joe Montana Miracle Stain video are a mocking of the real creation story and these videos are really showing how the creation story has been joyridden.

The true real leader will develop the minds of his people. Not turn them into good servants for super-machines which are at the center of the Promethean creation story. The whole point is that at that true level we go beyond mechanics/machines and we really step into the Land of the Infinite. Paradise does not look like that regimented enslaved land and animals we see in the Ram Trucks video. Only the deep spiritual levels of the mind can navigate that landscape, not machines. The wrong timeline has gotten lost in engineering machines/quantum computers as a means to enter the quantum level (land of the infinite), but in terms of a techno-singularity and with super machines.
They are looking at people as human resources to attain external material goals.

The human being is the goal and purpose of creation...not a resource.

February 03, 2013

We Are Borg

The whole idea of refraining from eating food is yet another hyper-dimensional super soldier hyper manic wholesale rejection of the feminine and nature. This is how (not all) the western unabridged psyche by taking over eastern methods, and aborting its real purpose of the real individual, somehow always ends up using them for the very same end of rejecting the feminine which is the shadow of our phallic western culture. If u look good it is a culture deep down run by a machine and that is its true attraction (that is this hive artificial intelligence mind). As a matter of fact it is looking more and more like a twisted form of Borg, which would envision as ideal some kind of hybrid quantum computer being which would process radiation (fuel) directly from the surrounding as a means to fuel itself. Somehow the westerner engaging in eastern practices becomes more mechanical than spiritual. This is why music has vanished on this cyber singularity mindscape and what has taken its place is auditory food for machines: heavy metal and techno trance sound and computerized music which are really passwords for the androids hooked up to the anti-sophia hive queen. This robocop mistakes food for fuel and has no nuance or feel for the symbolic. It's really a very barren mindscape which is seeking a very barren landscape to survive in. It cannot exist in true nature and real food, real relations, real unions of opposites. I am really worried about what this western mind is being engineered into to.

February 01, 2013

Dimitri Halley on Ken Wilber: Using the Shadow to Cut off the Shadow

Observe the Observer


Land of Oz

We ultimately have the choice over how we will see and interpret something. When we stop seeing things in either 0s or 1s (black or white), but in between them where they touch, we will be out if the cyber landscape of mind (aka Matrix) and we will be in the land of infinite possibilities, in continuity. Some refer to it as rainbow, but be careful. When we go beyond digital mind, but by taking the pair of opposites apart (blissing out) u r eventually raptured over the wrong side of the rainbow into dark techno-singularity.... into the Land of Oz.