March 17, 2008

Every Step Forward was a Step Backward Encountering Themselves

Every step they took,

thinking that they were approaching the(ir) truth,

was a step backward encountering themselves.

March 16, 2008

Chain Reaction

Feelings (sentiments) are really an illusion. If there is no thought there is no feeling. What we think has consequences for what we feel. And what we feel is inevitably translated to actions and behavior. If we change what we think automatically feeling also changes.

March 08, 2008

Choice and Thinking

We find ourselves constantly doing what we don’t want to do. 
I say something which I regret later. We are driven and controlled by external and alien forces. 
But we have a choice. For instance to not let one silly traffic incident spoil the rest of our day. 
We even have a choice as to what we think. 
We can change what we think. 
We can become aware that what we are thinking about someone (which is classically a projection) is not true. And hence we can choose to think something else. 

We can choose to not think. 
(Free) Choice and will predate and fore-go thinking. 
They operate thinking and thus feeling. The work of touching the shadow and re-taking projections is actually not thinking anymore. 
It is consciousness.