February 23, 2013

Are We Having Fun Yet?! (Meaning of Bliss out Illuminati Card Game)

In this writing will be illustrated briefly how a huge part of the New Age bliss out approaches which have come from the east (the false usage of these), are actually found in the very Card Deck referred to as the Illuminati cards. Meaning thus that this is one of the key pieces of the Illuminati script being unfolded and which ends with the Asteroids card and the Alien invasion card.

At that point, of the Asteroid and then the Alien invasion card we reach what the media is literally calling now 'Zero Hour' (ABC t.v. series premiered on February 15th.), which is the point I have often referred to as bifurcation. It is also referred to as singularity. Bifurcation of the 2 timelines means the timelines will start to separate and that one side goes onto hook up more and more to the smart computer mainframe environment. Which leads to a hoax rapture or singularity, where those entering are really abducted to a lower digital dimension in which soul or individuality is lost. The card discussed here has bearing on that development.

It is in the 60's with the whole hippie, flower power movement that we find a major piece of the puzzle, represented in this card, where drugs, psychedelics, combined with eastern techniques "supplemented" with western psychoanalysis were used in what I've often referred to as 'bliss-out', 'zone out' or 'space out' techniques. This is no coincidence; In dreams we found that these techniques are literally taking people to deep outer space like the Moon, Mars and even Saturn, the home of the cyber god: Prometheus. One needs to understand that we are the signal not the tv set, so where this signal is being raptured to is crucial.

I want to explicitly state that this says nothing of the eastern techniques as Meditation, Tantra etc in and of themselves, which within the eastern tradition have evolved for the mind within that tradition and the basic problem that has to be solved there.

Yet this 60's bliss out program has gone hand in hand with many of the eastern gurus who have come to the west within this context and have been not always the real sacred private eastern traditions necessarily.

We see leading bands as the Rolling Stones with songs as: "I can't get no satisfaction... and I try... and I try..."; clearly representing the bliss out (get Stoned) approach. We see also The Beatles under the tutelage of Maharishi, literally creating the global anthems for free sex and 'do whatever you want' fueled by drugs. The dictum ignorance is bliss is really what was fostered by this card/agenda in the sense that if u didn't see something it didn't exist, which was really a method for cutting off the shadow in disguise. And thus a ticket onto the false time line. This laid the basis for a next generation which resulted from this 'everything goes' tradition not even knowing who their real father is, etc.

It laid the basis for the destruction of the corner stone of society: the nuclear family. In the way Big Pharma has taken over the role of the drugs; the test tube babies etc have intensified the organized attack on the family. The cutting off of all responsibility from actions is the typical way in which the shadow is cut off.  

Another eastern guru which has gained plenty acclaim in the west in this context is Osho. This excerpt below is from The Hindu Times:
"Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh or simply Rajneesh was one of the most controversial spiritual leaders of 20th century. He found divinity in sexuality and allegedly taught his disciples, to follow free sex as a way to nirvana.
Blending Tantra, Zen, and Western psychotherapy into his teachings, Osho's message appealed to people who were either looking for experimentation, for hedonistic pleasures or came from disturbed, broken family backgrounds."
This generation was completely derailed with free sex and anything goes... It was not only the beginning of the destruction (like the Atom) of the real nuclear family unit as the basic building block of reality and society, but was the lack of foundation of what was come afterwards: a Zombie generation.

Stoned vs True Bliss

Here below is added a link to a video presentation of the well known Graham Hancock, which illustrates the bliss out program installed in the 60's, with his own case. Like we see with all these cases this program never really stopped. It only evolved and became stronger. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Hancock's formative years were spent in India. In the video below he shares a personal encounter with death during an Ayahuasca induced NDE, which prompted him to stop the use of marihuana immediately. He had used marihuana for 24 years. The Ayahuasca NDE lead him to an encounter with what he called mother Ayahuasca. She told him the path he was on, his abuse of marihuana; his never changing inflated behavior, would inevitably lead to annihilation after death.

After death, mother Ayahuasca revealed, he would be found wanting, in what the Egyptians referred to as a court for final judgment, the hall of Osiris. This drug use, bliss out scheme installed in the 60's was later taken over by the unholy alliance between psychiatry & Big Pharma. Graham says Ayahuasca could never be used as a drug for fun, because it makes one very sick, and I add induces a NDE. After his return to the UK he never used marihuana again. The marihuana withdrawal made him a nicer, more creative person he says. This is because he stopped blissing-out.

Real Shamans use Ayahuasca in real rituals and not for fun or blissing out or thus running from the shadow. It is also made in the brain as DMT which is not accessible to the split stoned mind. Shadow work, is as painful as using Ayahuasca because it entails also a painful kind of life review back to all the places we have cut off. Therefore touching the shadow connects us to Self and I believe what is experienced as the somatic correlate of the numinousity (wholeness) of the Self: endogenous DMT. This is what in dreams connects us to the Mother (Sophia) which I believe is the same Mother Graham refers to here.

What Graham relates, is an encounter with the collective unconscious which is really the Judge or the Sophia (Lady Justice), and is absolutely no fun whatsoever because everything concealed for our whole life to ourselves is uncovered. Before reaching back to Paradise we must undergo this life-review which is a NDE and the only image really catching it is the true crucifixion or being impaled on a stake. We can not get back in the Kingdom unless we remember childhood, not bliss out from it. That blissing out approach jump started in the 60's is the yellow brick road to the underworld false emerald city which is fully digital or fake and lacking any reality to it.  Right here we have the two time lines, one heading back to the lost Kingdom and the other heading to the underworld.

The deeper we go toward the collective unconscious the more painful it becomes especially if we haven't processed and assimilated the shadow. There's no other way to reenter Eden. Those who truly survive the life review of the shadow work, which is indeed Judgement day, are in their dreams returning to the trees of life. Toward bifurcation we will start to see these collective dreams as real, which is the direct experience of Self and what we now see as dream. But this is also so for the false time line and those on it. This is the convergence of space time with where u are at in ur dreams or thus at the level of the collective unconscious. Therefore what we are doing now is on us, as simple as that because Judgement day has begun collectively at this end of cycle. 

Apocalypse: Uncovering the World Shadow

The danger with exogenous Ayahuasca is that as Graham says such a life review all in one and thus judgement can be too much to handle. It can take years to uncover and digest the total shadow in the dreams. But this is what is now occurring collectively. The dreams say we are in Judgement day.

The dreams do this in a very gradual way so we can fully digest what comes up. Being thrown into it can cause psychosis. This is basically what is happening in the world: the uncovering of all the filth at once coming up out of the sewer system in very high places yet implicating everyone. As in Graham's experience we are ending up by the same place we left off before the Fall from Eden which is where the indigenous still are. But there are now two options.

Toward the end of the book of revelation, which ends back at the portals of Eden where we left off, we find a final Judgement taking place, very much like in Graham's experience but collectively. This correlates with the end of a uroboric precession cycle which would also be thus the return to Eden after this descent.

In the collective dreams we have found a collective court process has begun. This coheres with the meaning of the Apocalypse, which is the uncovering of the world shadow. We are witnessing the coming out of all or uncovering of all that has been concealed at the highest places and everywhere. 

The apocalypse in someone's life is when all of the concealed shadow returns at the end or at some crucial point. This can mean the end of someone, or if they accept what is coming up and truly deal with it and come clean etc., there can be redemption. This same coming out of the shadow (all that has been hidden and concealed) like a Tsunami is happening collectively and this is what the court case in the collective unconscious means. All of the corruption and secrets are coming out, they are trying but will not be able to hide the evidence. 

The false timeline is trying to imitate the true time line. Their cyber neon green Emerald city will be the imitation of the true Garden of Eden. Given the Illuminati cards, the last cards are being played now, because everything is coming out... everything. They have to play the last cards. Which thus also means that the bifurcation is not far away.           

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