January 16, 2011

Depth Psychological Interpretation of 'Black Swan'

This film depicts the main mental epidemic the whole modern world is going through and will be increasingly. This girl is totally devoid/split off of her shadow side, the black swan. The director exquisitely catches how while she fee... It's is a conspiracy against her, and the audience is taken along in this paranoia, it is all along she herself, her shadow, that is taking over the white swan. Her unconscious is conspiring to get rid of the white swan. Yet she is lost in her projections of her shadow on this shady girl who perfectly fits that bill of her own dark swan. Yet it is she herself that ends up killing her white swan pole, in order that the shadow side can take center stage. It is really a master piece which captures the main mental drama of the West. 

But so far indeed this story of the modern mind doesn't end good. There's no re-union of the 2 sides. Yet it is a high fidelity representation of how the western/modern world is having a psychotic episode. After many many years of practice with the problem of the shadow... This film really nails it. 
Films are dreams and we are in dire need of addressing this problem and and thus imagining and making films where there's some level of reconciliation with the shadow if this modern world is to survive itself.

January 08, 2011

Dying Birds & The Observation Problem

d problem of environmental pollution & dying birds/bees/fish etc., in terms of the observation problem: the observer tends 2 erroneously experience himself separate from what he is observing. what we direly fail 2 c when we speak of environmental damage/pollution etc is that whatever we c being done 2 d environment is also being done onto us. it is literally a reflection of what is being done onto us by ourselves.