May 14, 2013

True Meaning of Love/treat Thy neighbor as thyself

The real step to the next level is not Franken medicine based gmo manipulations to reach super human capabilities. It is radical inwardness or esoteric twist, awareness of self and self-responsibility at increasingly deeper levels. A case which is been cooking in my mind for days, to illustrate this regards the Bilderberg meetings and other highly secretive high power group meetings between extreme big capital and politicians (the brokers of power) etc. The real power/capability we need to build now and broker is the ability to see ourselves and realize that what we are doing to others it is really doing to ourselves. The teaching: do onto others as thy wants done onto oneself, has really more bearing on oneself than the other. Understanding this with the esoteric twist means that what we are seeing in, doing to, concealing from…the other is really what we are seeing…doing…concealing from our self. The saying was not meant really in the sense of do good to the other because this is what we want done to us. Or; thus it was not meant in an open ended informal fashion. It meant that literally what u do to the other u are doing to yourself.

For instance when u try too hard to convince someone it is because u are not convinced of something yourself. Extensive dream tracking has shown that this leads to a repressing of one’s own uncertainty within and this can completely split and send one off balance at deepest level of being which can affect everything on one’s body and life etc…
The highly secretive meetings and the contenders of them need to know that when u are secretive about these things or thus try to conceal things from the public that what u are really concealing from others u re really concealing also from urself. It is u who is really afraid of seeing what u are doing... And it is exactly the same as lying and as with lying for we know when we are lying and in this sense our own unconscious becomes our worse enemy in this.

This goes for everybody. The next time u conceal something from someone remember that u are really afraid of seeing what u are concealing from another yourself. Toward graduating to a more self-aware species we need to know that who we are really first and fore-mostly dealing with is ourself. The thing is that thus there’s no way to hide from ourselves. This is because the unconscious is always everywhere. That what we are telling others is really also self talk. When we confess to another or ask another sorry it is really ourselves we are begging for forgiveness.

What we think we are researching out there is ourselves. The question the researcher launches to study something our there is really self research. This view which really bends back on itself is the next step we have to take now to reach the next level of evolution. No technology can take us to this next level because technology cannot self reflect! So yes don't look at research look at researcher and look at the question as unconscious self-study. People are always and constantly confessing who they really are. This is really what the uroboric serpent represents and means someone’s awareness bending back onto itself and thus a stage where we start to consciously think about our own thinking and look at our own way of looking… This will lead to us giving birth to the next edition of ourselves. We will learn this the hard way if we don’t awaken to it now. We will experience that the hole we dig for the other that we are ourselves in it and will fall in it because it is ourselves we are experiencing in the other. There’s no other way out of the maze. That is the real Law. the sayings in Bible are still there but have been twisted exoterically.