September 30, 2008

Meditating With Open eyes & The Shadow

Touching the shadow (the practice) is really a meditation with open eyes. When unaware of our projection we are actually caught in the projection and tend to believe it to be real. Yet becoming aware of the projection is basically stepping outside the bubble of that content or thought that is projected versus being engulfed or encapsulated by it when not aware that it is a projection.

When aware of the projection we also thus become aware that the thought or content isn't true. In this way we can remove ourselves from that content. In this way and quite similar to meditation with closed eyes, which is depicted as going in between the thoughts, when practicing touching the shadow we basically sojourn between our thoughts (contents) if you wish -only now it is done and achieved with open eyes-. In a prior blog this space between the thoughts has been referred to as superposition while in other traditions it is also referred to as the "Now" (Eckhart Tolle).

September 26, 2008

What Sin is too Big...?

Last night I had the following dream:

I was walking in an unsafe place. I was about to be mugged. As they came toward me from the back and started to corner me, instead of running, I sarted to like try to lift off the floor. Somehow I knew to do this. To my amazement i started to lift off a little off the ground. It was very realistic though, not flying just like I knew the position like to lean and just float a little. And like the more I tried the more I started, however very gradually, to lift off and float upward to a height where they could not get me. However the higher I started to float the more they stood there like wondering and amazed. This shifted the whole setting. Next I'm sitting with a man (Omar is his name). I sat next to him like singing a song when he told me he couldn't do something. Somehow I knew what he just did. I was singing to him: 
What sin is too big for god? The lines of the song went something like: that sin too hard... that sin way to hard... that sin way too hard for God?

I woke up and clearly remembered the melody and the tune of the song.
If I had a recorder at that moment I would have been able to record it.

September 25, 2008

Purpose of Touching the Shadow

While classical science is based on knowing the object based on consciousness. 
Touching the shadow is based on self-awareness which is technically therapy. 
I basically observe how I am observing the object or other. The result of self-observation, if you wish, is not to know external objects, but eventually know and know via Self. This Self-archetype is according to Jung not anymore a psychological archetype, but what he calls Psychoid, which has been referred to in Jungian circles as a transcendental subject (E.F. Edinger). 
Put differently, one awakens to a deeper expanded experience of self. 
The result here is to get to know and experience deeper levels of self and via this a sense of reality, where self and other are not experienced as separate vis-a-vis the classical scientific approach, where a sense of separateness ensues to the world or object due to getting to know the object.

Early Origins of Touching the Shadow

In Acts chapter 95 & 95 of The Apocryphal New Testament, Jesus told his disciples:

"A mirror am I to thee that perceivest me."

"Behold thyself in me...perceive what I do, for thyne is the passion of the manhood, which I am about to suffer."

Through the Eye of a Needle & Denial

It is not easy to change someones thoughts, because by nature people are egotistical and their egotism guarantees them that their thoughts are 100% correct. Those that think not like us are thinking incorrectly. No one believes that their thoughts are incorrect. This is why it is so hard for us to change our thoughts. The only way to change someones thoughts is by convincing them that their thoughts are incorrect. Yet to convince someone that his/her thoughts are incorrect is very hard. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for someone to admit that their thoughts are wrong.

September 24, 2008

Wanting to Know

In order to get to know you need to want to know because
when you want to know your own wanting to get to know
makes you hear the soundless voice of the master (within)
who silently tells you all the things you want to know.

September 23, 2008

Look Soldier Look Inwards (2)

Mentally people are so confused and exhausted that they have lost their innate capacity they inhere to activate their minds directly themselves without depending on a cause outside of themselves, in order for that external cause to affect their minds and stimulate it to create the dark thoughts which they are thinking and which have them mentally so confused and exhausted.

September 19, 2008

Woman, Orgasm & The Shadow

The woman is historically the shadow. Until today the feminine subjects (arts etc) live on the fringe of the curiculum. The feminine has been completely banned from the universities, leaving them emotionally dead. Yet deeply enthrenched in medical theory we still find relics testifying to the deep roots of the exclusion of the feminine. The following is a little curiosity which illustrates how the woman has been the subject of great repression historically, scientifically and medically:

In 1870 John Davenpoort would have us believe that women shouldn't have orgasms at all. "As he described it in Curiositatis Eroticae Physiolgiae (1875), the result of orgasm in women was that:

"She burns and as it were, dries up the semen received by her from the male, and if by chance a child is conceived, it is ill-formed and does not remain nine months in the mother's womb."

(In "Taking charge of your fertility" By Tony Weschler, MPH, 2006 p. 246).

September 15, 2008

Fractured Thought

The moment someone makes a fracture in the thought he is thinking, this fracture opens the door of his life, without him knowing this, to friction. And wherever there is friction automatically there is resistance. Strange is that when someone makes a fracture in the thought that he is thinking, he thinks more about the part of the fraction that makes him turn cold. And the more he thinks now the colder he gets, until at a certain point his own thinking freezes him completely.

It is difficult for someone that is frozen, to escape by himself from that side of the fraction because in order for him to escape he has to change his perspective toward the other side of the fraction, which is the side that automatically lights a fire in him, and keeps heating him up from within until he aids the fire to accomplish its mission. The mission for which the fire was lit.

September 14, 2008