December 19, 2010

A Synchronistic Life

It started in dreams that every little thing had a meaning. Once i could see the meaning in dreams i could like read movies and would see things no one else saw. but beyond dreams & movies there was a director at work...arranging things...but than i realized that also outside the dreams everything was happening because... and with meaning. that meaning was organizing everything.

like i would see in dreams that someone would loose their wallet and it had a meaning, but the same thing was occurring out of the dreams. or being jumped. a stairway...when would certain animals or insects appear...yes i started to see that the same thing happening in dreams happened outside. the body...

why some one would loose their voice, or an injury. a flat tire...a battery that goes dead...everything (i guess this is what happens on DMT...which most can't fathom). The physicians study the how of organs but all the real action lie in the why... so this is how i have evolved to look at terms of meaning. every object, a door, a window, a tree...certain foods...organs (your everything resonates based on it's meaning. brittle hair...a too thick pocket book...clothes worn inside out...a plant that doesn't grow... so not only do i look so @ movies. once you see the real meaning of anything you see it for what it really is.

December 10, 2010

In the absence of true purpose we need plans

The real work is to let go and just flow with the river.
When we do this true purpose unfolds. Planning and strategizing is fighting the flow. The piece of art will make itself better than we ever could. it will come from within. Planning is mechanical. The flow is love. Just be in love with it. Be nature's instrument. let it show you what it wants to be. The great writer Edwardo Galeano, when writing his greatest works said...the story picked him to tell it to the world. Michelangelo would free the image from the stone. it was already in the stone. the true artist just masters a language with which s/he can help us see/hear/feel the muses. we need to live life like an artist. the true artist creates by letting go. strange things happen, even logistically when we stop resisting.

Choice vs Free Will

Purpose (what people refer to mostly as destiny) is from within, something we choose and have chosen to come here and fulfill (even before we came), not something that befalls us against our will. The essential Q is what is (really) free will? No one will stop you from 'choosing' any path (for instance one different to your true purpose). But technically speaking that is not free will. So choice is not yet free will. I can choose something but it is not yet free will. The core is if it comes from within or without (meaning the prompt). we can be manipulated into choosing something or a path. The 'idea' of true purpose would be connected to real free will meaning unconditioned. Coming truly from within and thus from ourselves and not from without/others. Only a real individual can exersize free will (technically speaking). The word destiny is a tricky one here for it is linked to predestination and fate and can be construed as something happening beyond ones choice. true purpose is quite the opposite.

December 05, 2010

I Start to get Wet only when I observe it is Raining

I start to get wet when I observe it is raining, not before.
My son came home yesterday. He said 'daddy, daddy, I have big news'. 
I had a huge breakthrough with your work. 
He said he got off the bus and didn't realize it was raining. 
And that for those instances he didn't realize it was raining, 
(yet) while walking in it, he didn't get wet.

November 23, 2010

You are the Glass

Is the glass half full or half empty?
realize the truth is: there is no glass...
than you will see that
it's not the glass that is half full...
It is you that is half empty...

Dimitri Halley

November 11, 2010

A heart attack is a crime of passion

A heart attack is a crime of passion.

only here it is a part of us (♥), who attacks us from within...

It is an attack of the shadow.

We have let ourselves be induced by science into a very solar understanding of the body and conned from the deeper meaning of things/organs etc.

I just told my son who is in high school. They teach you all a day/sun version of things but at night a less graspable version of the same things comes out, which science pretends does not exist.

But often is not very happy with us. The great Nobel man Wolfgang Pauli of the study of the atom referred to it as the spirit in matter...others as the ghost in the atom. In his dreams she would attack him.

Today i saw a dream of a man in which she (his shadow) emerged and not happy with him and toward the end of the dream she was next to him and told him: "... this was not a dream.

Dream Synchronicity with X-MEN ORIGINS

On 6-nov-2010 at 4:44 a Facebook friend sent me this Q on my Facebook friend wall: 
"Do you know of any fictional authors or stories that deal with the
governing myth? Like in your Psychotropics, Memory Control & The
Governing Myth: the Return of Christ/s video.

If so that would be awesome."


That night I had the following dream: I am standing with or in front of a woman (who I also assist with my work/method of touching the shadow). While standing in front of her... like wooden picks start coming out of my thumb. But on them also like little hooks of blades. They are wooden. We take them out and make like circles or wheels on her dress (white). It is only afterwards I kept meditating on this scene of these blades coming out of my nails of my hand/fingers that i realized that this was actually a scene of wolverine of the movie X-MEN. 

In one of the trailer there is exactly the scene of the dream. I haven't seen this latest version of the movie yet. But was totally amazed at the scene where is said to Wolverine: "Become the animal" and "Embrace the other side". This is exactly my method called touching the shadow where we have to embrace the side we have rejected in ourselves. It is when he embraces his shadow that these powers of wolverine are unleashed. The coincidence is that this is exactly what is meant with and in The Governing Myth; the Return of Christ/s video. This is an incredible synchronicity for this is the X-MEN ORIGINS movie and these powers are unleashed, is shown here, when the side of us we are most rejecting is touched/embraced. This is how the X-MEN (mutants) are created and how it all started. 

In more extensive trailer is shown how Wolverine goes about training and recruiting other mutants to form a special team... which also strongly correlates with the building of a quantum community - see side bar of my/this page..., and which hitherto is what the idea and video of the the governing myth; the return of christ/s was based on in the first place.

November 09, 2010

November 06, 2010

DMT dream

Dream last night: shown an article: DMT: Who started with it. Flying, floating in deep meditation. once i lift, nothing could harm me. I was being attacked by among others a girl. I said it's ok leave her. Another woman + others were holding onto me. I said no not to me: find your own momentum. people watching, others charging for my show. I said people will always remain prostitutes. They don't even C it anymore.

October 16, 2010

Reality is information

Reality cannot be seen straight or objectively. it is information and has to be interpreted. So if we can't see beyond our projections or
interpretations (meaning) of things, the question becomes how to find
the right meaning or interpretation of reality. This is found in world mythology. here we find the right code or language able to interpret and translate this text or meaning of reality correctly.

October 12, 2010

Through my concepts

I experience the world through my concepts, hence it represents a part of me (Dimitri Halley).

February 05, 2010

There are No Accidents

Last night I gave a repeat of the Dream Code lecture for all those who couldn't get in the first one. It was great. I've received much wonderful feedback, which I want to thank those that gave me again. The morning of/before the lecture (3 feb) I had a dream which I believe reflected the gist of what the lecture was about. In this dream I'm giving a lecture. Michael Douglas from the movie Wall Street (1987) is in the audience. He is playing the Wall Street guy/role he played in the film here in real life on me. I go on a rant saying: "Life is the role we play" (not a role but all or both roles): "the bad/devil and the good...and I mention a bunch of these binaries.
Than I say: "It is not a coincidence what role we are allocated in Movies as actors".
John Travolta is there. I say or refer to Travolta's role in Films as: Phenomenon. I say nothing is an accident; (referring to) the roles Michael Douglas gets vs. Travolta's roles. There are no accidents.
At the end I say: "I want to end with just this: I LOVE YOU".