December 17, 2009

Dream Synchronicity based on 2012 dreams

Last night I had a dream. Admittedly it is a bit liminal. So I wasn't sure if I should post it here. However when I started to read my emails this morning, I saw that a lady had sent me a dream she had last night. What made me decide to post both my dream and this woman's dream here is because they both are... intimately connected. We call this shared dreaming or dream synchronicity.

The thing with this phenomenon of shared dreaming is that what it means is that we were in the same dream. Technically speaking this means that it is likely that this is not, technically speaking, only a dream anymore in the individual sense but has meaning to the collective. Therefore I feel I should publish it. Anyway, I will leave it at that for now and will post first my dream and than the woman's dream.

My dream (Dec. 17): "The world would stand still for a week. Shift. A new alignment. I felt the shift. Like a whole turn or rotation. Everything is paused for this. Aliens are taking over. But albeit at the same time a new system is coming out of it. I am being interviewed by a man in real time. Meaning that it is being broadcast as we speak. It's about what is happening; about what will come out of it...

...I said the elite will lose all their power. A new era has dawned. Those ready will move on. A take over is being attempted too but... Bodies are being snatched and used. I saw how this happens. But we are safe. There was a long list of questions on his paper. He asked about the implications for the Church...even about Jung...The interviewer also asked me on: (that) nuclear weapons to prevent war (balance). I said we will use them if we have them. They don't prevent.

...During the interview some kind of attack or approach is waged. Like some object or being approaches us in the air. The interview is done in the open air like next to a beach. The interviewer gets like uneasy, but I told him don't worry leave it; and the closer it came the more it dissipated and became a plastic-like toy head of a pig. (end of my dream).

I will now post the dream of the woman: "Dreamt about big alien ship. I was walking in a park covered with snow.Big alien ship appeared above. Little alien ships (looked like footballs, they're illuminating the dark park) started to fall down around me. I ran North, I heard a scream...

...I changed direction and turned south. Couldn't get away. I got lifted up in the air. I stayed hanging in air high above the ground. Woke up". (end of dream and post).

December 16, 2009

Statistics can't Catch the Individual

Last night I had the following dream:

I was explaining to a Dutch man and a friend of mine: "That we can't catch individuals in statistical groups. We are too complex. Everybody is unique and different".

How the programs and patterns parents and adults are stuck in are passed down to children

I dreamed the following on the 13th (Dec.):

"I'm giving a session about how the programs and patterns we as parents and adults are basically stuck in are given (passed down) to children. How this was done via meaning. We basically hand down our world view to children by and via what we tell them ("teach") them things mean; and what we believe are the causal links between things.

This is done for instance even what an object means. For instance i will subtly make my son worship cars, if cars are the most important things for me. The problem is that all the wrong links and beliefs are passed down to our children.Basically what we call education is simply engraining into our children and the children our outlook and beliefs about the world.

If we believe all men are untrustworthy and promiscuous, we will subtly and tacitly pass this belief down to our children. If we deep down feel we are not good enough we will make our sons and daughters feel this.

A woman in the session got quite frantic at realizing the magnitude and gravity of this problem of how we were passing down all the wrong beliefs and meaning to our children and was affraid this could never be corrected. I said: "Don't worry...the fact that we are here doing this means that we are going to change this...". (end of dream)

October 29, 2009

When does a problem become a problem?

Most people think when you can't solve something or when you can't control something. The real answer is: when you think, something is a problem, you are creating a problem. When you say it is a problem, you believe what you think, and believing - the problem has been created.

September 14, 2009

Double-Slit, Schrödinger's Cat and the Psyche

At this point in time, it's the professionals who are the problem, for they have been trained in the very system of thinking which is the cause of the problem. Hence we are busy trying to solve problems with the very system of thinking that has created them. This system of thinking, currency in science, creates a theory (abstraction) and generalizes from this. This is how professionals have been trained/ conned.

Theories of the world exclude the observer. This is the core of the problem. The idea, in the quantum world, is that the act of observation collapses the probability amplitude into a particle based reality. When not observing it's a cloud or wave of probability (information) in super-position. At the quantum level (below sub-atomic particles) this is a fact and proven with the double slit experiment.

So in the Schrödinger's Cat experiment when the box is open we observe. Of course the main question is what at the macroscopic level corresponds to this quantum cat. I will leave this for another time or video for it has to do with synchronicity. As with most person's reaction to this cat or quantum reality, Einstein could not live with quantum theory. He believed in a mechanical picture of reality (signals could not travel faster than the speed of light). Therefore he said God does not play with dice. Dice in this statement refers to the probabilistic nature of reality (wave-functions) implied in the quantum picture.

You see including the observer, which includes psyche/psychology,  in the picture of reality changes the whole ball game of the way science generates knowledge. Professionals trained in mechanical/ classical/ Newtonian science are very allergic to including psyche in the picture of matter... and so also to the idea of mind over matter... which is the inevitable conclusion of the findings in quantum physics.

July 11, 2009

I am just one that came (since) you/all are dying...


People are dying.
A man came,
who has come
through lives and lives.
He says: ”I am just one
that came like (since) you/all are dying,
whose statement
is to be penetrated (understood)"

June 03, 2009

External versus Inner reality

External reality contains illusion, lie and egoism, it is bent on breaking and more division; While within contains the truth, and is based on healing what is broken

May 30, 2009

Addiction is not a Chemical Dependency

Drug and Alcohol addiction in particular 

and addiction in general is a thought pattern;

Not a chemical dependency

Lemuria dream

on the 23rd 5. 09 I had the following dream:

I went to a class of a Mexican professor. He gave me all kind of materials on Lemuria. There was even some device in it. it was like a book and it could play music by opening a page and moving it up or down. there was also like a little tip or cup which one could put the tip of the finger in which would also have some very advanced technological effect in the book. There was further also something with China, like alot of people there gone allready.

May 12, 2009

A Question about Thinking

I would like to get your take on the following question:

Do you believe it is possible for you to say something without thinking first about the thing you say?

see for answers

April 21, 2009

January 28, 2009

Phoenix Rising Dream

On the 27th of January 2009 I had the following dream:

I/we were putting this eagle or phoenix back together. There were like only pieces on the floor.

The more we put it back together, the more everybody was saying how it's heart was/started beating.

It was simply like a teddy bear type of thing we were putting back together while in it a heart was beating.

It was weird but tremendous.

January 13, 2009

Rumi on Projection

Fear for Yourself

Everyone's death is of the same quality
as himself;
to the enemy of God, an enemy;
to the friend of God, a friend.
Your fear of death in fleeing from it
is really your fear for yourself.
Pay attention, dear Soul!