August 30, 2008


Because of the ignorant education we have received (and are receiving), from the time religion enterred our life, today we are experiencing a plethora of sexual problems. We have always been educated to view ourself as either man or woman. The consequence of this is that men started to believe that they are different from women. Today this has gone so far that men believe women have different feelings than men, and different thoughts, and different reactions, preferences, likes, etc etc.


Pa motibo di e educasion ignorante cu nos a (ta) hanya, for di tempo cu religion a drenta den nos bida, awendia nos ta experienciando masha hopi problema sexual. Semper nos a worde educa pa mira nos mes como homber of muher, pero consecuencia di esaqui ta cu e hombernan a cuminsa quere cu nan ta diferente for di e muhernan. Awendia e hombernan ta asina leuw cu nan ta queriendo cu e muhernan tin diferente sentimentonan cu e hombernan, i diferente pensamentonan, i diferente reacsionnan, gusto, gana etc. etc.


The greatest problem has been the
exclusion of the woman by the church.

August 29, 2008


For many years men
have kept women down,
by pretending that woman
was created from
the rib of a man.


Pa hopi anja hombernan a wanta e muhernan abou, door di pretende cu muher a worde crea for di e reebchi di un hober.

August 28, 2008


That man and woman have to accept their opposite (within), in order for the human being to recover it's central position in life, is a fact. A position that today is wrongfully disputed (in a barbaric form) between man and woman; because man at all costs wants woman to accept that man is superior to woman, and woman wants to humiliate man, in order to show men that women are superior to men. The acts they commit to proove their superiority to each other are barbaric. Among others men invent wars in order to fight and kill eachother without compassion; and women react with the same viciousness that they don't need men for nothing in their lives. They can satisfy themselves sexually; and not even to get babies do they need men anymore. In this fashion slowly but surely the distance between man and woman is becoming ever greater. The time has arrived to admit, that between woman and man there can be no inequality. We are all human beings.


Cu e homber i e muher mester aksepta nan banda opuesto pa e ser humano recobra e puesto number un bek den bida ta un facto. Un puesto cu awe equibocadamente ta wordo disputa (na un forma barbaro) entre homber i muher; pasobra e homber kier cueste loque cueste e muher aksepta cu homber ta superior na e muher; y e muher kier humilia e homber pa e mustra e homber cu muher ta superior na e homber. E actonan cu nan ta comete pa mustra nan superioridad na otro ta barbaro. Entre otro e hombernan ta inventa guera pa na bringa i mata otro sin compasion, i e muhernan ta contesta cu e mesun visiosidad cu nan no tin mester di homber pa nada den nan bida. Nan mes por satisface otro sexualmente, i ni pa nan hanya jui nan no tin mester di homber mas. I asina poco poco e distancia entre nan ta birando mas hancho. E momento a jega pa admiti cu entre homber i muher no por tin disigualdad. Nos tur ta ser humano.

August 02, 2008


Ego: maybe on micro cosmic/small terms
it’s the essence of all badness on planet,
yet on big scale, it’s what we are truly about.