September 14, 2009

Double-Slit, Schrödinger's Cat and the Psyche

At this point in time, it's the professionals who are the problem, for they have been trained in the very system of thinking which is the cause of the problem. Hence we are busy trying to solve problems with the very system of thinking that has created them. This system of thinking, currency in science, creates a theory (abstraction) and generalizes from this. This is how professionals have been trained/ conned.

Theories of the world exclude the observer. This is the core of the problem. The idea, in the quantum world, is that the act of observation collapses the probability amplitude into a particle based reality. When not observing it's a cloud or wave of probability (information) in super-position. At the quantum level (below sub-atomic particles) this is a fact and proven with the double slit experiment.

So in the Schrödinger's Cat experiment when the box is open we observe. Of course the main question is what at the macroscopic level corresponds to this quantum cat. I will leave this for another time or video for it has to do with synchronicity. As with most person's reaction to this cat or quantum reality, Einstein could not live with quantum theory. He believed in a mechanical picture of reality (signals could not travel faster than the speed of light). Therefore he said God does not play with dice. Dice in this statement refers to the probabilistic nature of reality (wave-functions) implied in the quantum picture.

You see including the observer, which includes psyche/psychology,  in the picture of reality changes the whole ball game of the way science generates knowledge. Professionals trained in mechanical/ classical/ Newtonian science are very allergic to including psyche in the picture of matter... and so also to the idea of mind over matter... which is the inevitable conclusion of the findings in quantum physics.


SynerJetics said...

Indeed. Generalized/Standardized education promoted by "professionals" (specialized work-herds) appears to be a deep cause of our "mind locked" views on reality. I would agree here with Lacan's view that the 'Symbolic' (world) plays a pivotal roll in this matter. Our Language and Speech for the most part has been imprinted on us (as you are well familiar with) since even before our birth, and as you know we also carry the residual memory of our ancestors via DNA (and then some ;-).

Well what to do?

General Semantics has been a very good start. Added to quantum psychology we are on a good path toward fuller forms of communication... and thus a more holistic/integral view of ourselves and cosmos.
But why this seemingly idealistic goal? (As long as we see the "ideal" as being arbitrary, where can dogma hold any ground?) Does 'it' really appear so idealistic to want to better communicate within ourselves, and with our fellow sapiens?

A matter of Echology.

Keep on pushing forward!

Dimitri Halley said...

great comment. the only language that can grasp the full totality of reality is found in dreams...the imagery (little movies) is the only language where we find a holistic form of communication...(Dimitri)