January 08, 2011

Dying Birds & The Observation Problem

d problem of environmental pollution & dying birds/bees/fish etc., in terms of the observation problem: the observer tends 2 erroneously experience himself separate from what he is observing. what we direly fail 2 c when we speak of environmental damage/pollution etc is that whatever we c being done 2 d environment is also being done onto us. it is literally a reflection of what is being done onto us by ourselves.

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Prema said...

I wanted to thank you very much for sharing your insights into the observation problem. Much of what you say, some of us can testify to, including the increasing synchronistic manifestation and the obvious connectedness of ALL, due our own mutation (in the brain). However, as you’re probably aware, it goes far, far beyond all this – source of creation by collapsing superposed states of potentiality to one specific state, at any moment. At the same time, it’s important for the brain not fall into a loop onto itself and enter the constant neurosis of questioning. In deep sleep, is it not the case that the day world ceases ? Where is the body in reality ? A swirling energy field “I” perceive as a solid structure during ordinary awareness ....There is a “state”, for want of a better term, where time is transcended and so anything to do with it is no longer relevant, so delving into dreams and the past, whilst meaningful at certain level, has to be transcended for the event horizon within your consciousness to expand so to speak. This brain – that we perceive of course – can be subject to so many aberrations, just like in optics, due to the pressure of human/social conditioning, including religious imagery and anything thought has produced – this includes psychotherapy . Please do not take my comments as an insult or lack of respect, the point is that all this has to be transcended to move our perception and the whole grid to the next level, when in fact there are no levels and no becoming ! This is a fact. There is so much to share on this, and language becomes quickly inadequate , but I hope we can continue communicating.