April 02, 2013

Aquarius: We have moved into the Larger Landscape of Mind on 31.3.13

The biggest problem now lies in our world view, namely that (the way) we quantify things at the base of which lies separating things in strengths or weaknesses or positives or negatives etc.

This view has reached its zenith in dividing everything in 0s and 1s. Notice that this language cannot create real, but only virtual realities...video games (computers)... Also it can't read the larger reality beyond the very narrow frequency spectrum we are stuck or locked in.

We are in an intermediate realm. When we see that reality is both 0's AND 1's at the same time, and not 0's or 1's we will enter a new landscape of mind or real reality also referred to as the going from the microcosmos to the macrocosmos. This transition of the micro (space time) to the macrocosmos or thus the digital to the real is like phono to stereo ... or analogue to HD.

This is symbolized by the water bearer or the man: anthropos or Adam Kadmon stepping out of the sea of Pisces. Pisces was the stage we would be encapsulated in this digital world or zeros or ones. Caught in a false sense of separation or division between things. The figure of Aquarius is really the Anthropos or what is called the higher Adam in certain traditions or the unfallen man. So this is if u which the true avatar or true self needed to experience reality outside of the digital cave of Pisces, or the macrocosmos.

The land of Oz lies at the other extreme of entering the digital or computer fully. We see this for instance in the movie Tron. Here we also need an avatar to fully go out of body to fully enter the computer. In a prior blog I explain how the smart system and mainframe people are being hooked up to combined with the merging of neuro-machine interface ultimately results in finding oneself within such a computer of sorts.

Tron But to fully exit the matrix the true Self is the Avatar required to enter or thus be able to transmit the fully real. In the fully digital of the land of Oz (or Tron) the avatar or character we enter looses full real touch with the surrounding. It is like interacting with the world through a screen, versus face to face and real touch. Yet at the intermediate state (middle world) we are still not fully able to experience the immediate oneness of the wave at the quantum level or collective unconscious. A the deeper level the true Self is fully in and feeling the immediate oneness with all. Full telepathic immediate connection. In the intermediate space time we are caught in a state of separateness to the world.

The middle world we are in versus the quantum level is captured in the wave particle paradox. We know at the deepest level the world is quantum yet we are locked out of it in the current state of self. In this new world we will be directly in the wave called superposition in quantum physics, yet we need true Self to enter that environment, or as they say to read or decode that mindscape. In the move Avatar it is sort of depicted in terms of the Avatar body that is entered to be able to experience the magical world the indigenous inhabit. We know we only experience a few percentages of the full world around us, given the frequency we are dialed into. At the core of this new world we have now moved into everything experiences itself also as the whole. In the fully digital of Oz this is the full inverse and is why there technology is god. But in the real Zion we are the whole so no joysticks or remote controls required.

No voyeurs in the free world outside of the cave/Matrix...direct firsthand experience of the wave. But what no body wants to understand is that without true Self or thus that vessel I referred to above as the Avatar or the Anthropos we can't experience the wave level of reality, just as we would not be able to experience this intermediate middle world without this body or vessel.

We are in middle world and self which is still only experiencing 6% of itself and thus the real world and need a real self to experience the real world. Now it is in moments in sports referred to as the Zone or referred to also as OBE's that the real world (called paranormal to the middle world) is experienced where there's a direct telepathic/quantum communication. Obviously here there can be no need for a phone/computer to communicate. Or we would find a cirque de Soleil world without strings and tricks with the magical world of Oz. U c we are the real quantum being not the quantum computer found in the world of Tron. The computer was made in the image of the digital self. It was just like everything else in the Matrix, an aid till the butterfly could hatch out of the caterpillar or cave.

We have now entered Aquarius or the real New Age and what I spoke of in my last radio interview (linked on my FB page) is that it is thus natural that this world will split off eventually from under world. Everything will be done to stop this world from being blasted off into deep space (which is the lower world), but the wave is now here and it is really a question now of the work of the shadow to get enough people to get their true Self to enter the new landscape of mind.

The false singularity wants to merge u with a collective (a mainframe) without real self. This is a false rapture and a loss of ourself. Only when we get to know who we really are will we not be totally lost when merging with a larger whole.

In terms of fractals I am a little whole, this is the only reason I can even really relate to the larger whole. This is why only real individuals who have realized their wholeness (individual means individable), can connect to a larger whole which is inside/outside themselves. If not the collective is a mob which has swallowed up the individuality of the parts (little wholes) of the whole and this will never hold. Only when each part sees itself as a little whole and the whole as each part we will have a real order/Kingdom.

The shadow work is the person working on finding their own integrity or integerness...wholeness, which leads to Self and thus which is the form in which we can experience true direct spiritual or quantum wholeness of the real world. We cannot find wholeness out there if we haven't found it inside first, which is what Self with the capital S is.

This must become clear now, that we must find Self (real individuality) first. Going to the wave before Self and thus before the shadow is blissing out and thus not the real bliss found as the sap or nectar of the lotus (Self).

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