April 26, 2013

Gut, Hunches and Superposition: Living direct from the Self

I found that living by the gut eventually brings you into conflict with the head people .. even the heart people at times .. i found a gut based life is as tricky as any .. probably why so many have gut problems .. In my own case I find the soul/sole of my feet is what works best. Gut without soul in my life became just consuming and dominating. My gut needs soul to earth it somehow. I suspect these mythologies are very personal and individual.

The gut (got/d) moves forward based on hunches. Not reason (socalled) facts or feelings (whims). Hunches are in superposition. Head and heart before it collapsed out of wave. This is why IQ and EQ are both still Newtonian and obsolete in a quantum era. This is why the masculine intelligence (reason) or the feminine emotional intelligence alone out of each others embrace are only halves of the whole and avail of a very partial incomplete take. The hunch comes from the Self which is the whole where they are still one. This is why even the Dalai Lama has recently tweeted that our current schools teach alienation from Self...with their IQ "fact" based standardized approaches. We now need a quantum education to prepare us for a quantum era and quantum world.

the teachers and management...people have to change. no change is possible outside of the people. That's why educational rform has never worked. they want to change procedures etc. but the people are the problem...

we have to change hearts and minds to gut... we still think change is out there. like sustainability is still looked at as gadjets. but it is the minds which need changing. in a quantum era the true governments/schools/businesses will know how to do mind work to take us to superposition and to a new reality.

i wouldnt call it influence. everybody would have to see the need to work on themselves... anything else is not sustainable or real. that would just remake the same mistake now being made at schools etc where they want to mold the students into something "they" (schools...) see fit. Self school is about cultivating Self to unfold from within.

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