July 03, 2013

Man of Steel - Archetypal Analysis

We are that society in which children are driven/programmed into roles from very young, which have nothing to do with their true soul code or purpose. Not permitted to become who they truly are. This educational model leads to a society where no one is on the right place, just doing what they do for the benefits and survival, not heartfelt. It really than eventually becomes a world unhinged from soul or true Self (true light)...fully synthetic neon light. A kind of upside down zombie resort model of treat every costumer good because big brother is watching u. The double entendre here is however that out of Krypton, which is this fully plastic external world which has been fully unhinged from natural self and nature; comes this savior figure or superman. Here we get the ironic oxymoron which is now currency in Hollywood. For out of this fully unhinged mechanical world comes this superman/super soldier which would be the only natural birth of that world and thus here we find the allusion and splice of this super hero with the true story of Jesus as the birth of the first real individual in a world which has now become fully neon green emerald city running on survivalist hunger games programs and thus where true Self is practically eradicated...everybody pimped or puppeteered. They try here thus to splice the archetype of the true savior with the super soldier archetype of the antichrist which would be the impersonator savior being sent from the underworld which is exactly what Krypton would represent. A similar splice of the true and the false time line is found in the Movie Oblivion, making it hard to discern the super soldier from the true savior or Self-archetype.

By Dimitri Halley

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