July 18, 2013

Mankind's last hope

In my dream last night: Explaining a group that consciousness should also be included in our knowledge acquisition model, because it is also changing things. Now it makes the model excluding itself. You see where that leaves us if it is not included in the model? That only the Self can really know. That knowing also is knowing itself. So our goal should be Self, because only Self can know the world really. The conscious alone is knowing how it is disturbing reality. It's like the media, the media is not reporting on things but is creating the news. We are still not toilet trained in our thinking. this is Mankind's last hope. If not we are creating a world but experiencing it as "out there" but talking no responsibility for it. Our only hope is superposition via touching the shadow -> to connect to Self. Epistemologically Self is the only point that can know really.

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