July 01, 2013

The Ultimate Trick the Ego Plays to Remain in Control

"Those who most criticize, fight and feel they should, or even worse, have killed the ego are most possessed by it. This goes for everything and very much fits the simile of the NWO which would be the collective equivalent of the ego in terms of global psycho-politics. The ego's ultimmate trick is to get you to try to kill it. For instance making you look for help to kill it or fight it. Making u kill the ego is a way to get you to over attach to it in reverse.

Either way you are over attaching to it, being distracted out of yourself and thus loosing yourself in the process. This goes for any addiction, evil or the devil and is also for what is now referred to as the New World Order or the Illuminati. Either when you are overattachmed to something or overly rejecting and against it (fight) you are outside yourself and loose center. In a last video I referred to it as the temple and guarding the temple.

The moment we focus too much on anything outside of us we are distracted and we loose center or are outside of the temple in which state we are remote controlable from outside. Toward moderate levels of this we find the addictions (fighting and obsessed with something is also a form of dependency) and toward extremes of this we get the symbol of the zombie where what we find is a vacant shell. In this vein the whole idea of fighting darkness for instance is also a form of being possessed by it. The most important thing is to guard the Temple."

By Dimitri Halley

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Love your work.. Enlightening !!