February 28, 2013

Judgement Day as the Uncovering of the World Shadow

Perhaps the greatest error or omission of modern science is in the process of compartmentalizing and abstracting to understand, loosing a grasp and view on what Jung discovered as the unconscious and that what we call morality is really built into the very innermost fabric of reality. The ancients and indigenous would refer to it in their animated view of nature. This is why they would also approach nature with reverence and deep respect and even in a worshipful manner. Western reductionistic mechanistic science lost this in its compartmentalized view when it reduced nature to basically a mechanism and abstract forces. This is why Einstein said god does not play with dice. He really could not fathom nature being or behaving meaningfully or thus with intent.

In a prior writing (on the Pinocchio archetype) I said that our objectifying of nature went in tandem with our own objectification. We also did this to our view of the body, while we now know that the body is where the unconscious also resides and so that the body just like the dreams is part of how the unconscious and shadow can and does compensate us.

Meaning and Nature

Pauli and Jung proposed meaning as an alternative to causality. The radical shift in worldview thus that this would entail would eventually be too much to bear for even Pauli. The difference with the animistic worldview is that we would not be separate from this process of correction or judgement, which could be more accurately called unconscious self-judgement. So not only would become inevitable the fathoming of a deeper source of meaning involved in the direction of evolution but that we would be part of this synchronistic movement of evolution.

In fractal terms the body is a fractal of the larger body of the earth. And so not only the body would be able to respond to us in a meaningful and compensatory way but also nature could be seen as able to do this. This while the mechanistic view would make us see body and earth as requiring us to improve and fix them.

The shadow and its tendency to compensate us when we are too off beat (because of for instance concealing things) i have in other writings also argued can thus be seen as the inner justice system. The shadow and its tendency to compensate us is really what in the west has often been referred to as our conscience and in the east Karma. In the new sciences it is referred to as the self-organizing nature of reality.

The Inner Justice System

The real justice system is in ur body and u r in it. It is all around us and really what Jung discovered as the unconscious. Being the unconscious, it is nature itself. It is not only a set of abstract separate laws as science views nature. Neither is it a catalogue of written private laws which someone/group administers to another (for its own benefit). We all have learnt too well that all we find in that law concept is that the administrator of that form of justice never applies it to themselves. Everybody is subject to this real justice called the unconscious. Meaning that both external and internal nature is moral, in terms which will be delineated below.

It is neither like: please write it on ur heart. It is built into ur Self (which is what heart meant in that context), and thus ur atoms, as ur inner self-compass. It is not a system to punish u. It is a system to heal u. Because peace (wholing/healing) can only come after justice, which is the internal compensation/balancing that the shadow establishes to correct/heal our lopsidedness.

We Are Judging Ourselves

Yet perhaps most shocking of all is that it is thus a part of ourselves doing it to ourselves. So for instance we find the shadow emerging in diseases really as a means to correct the person from being off beat in key aspects of their lives. For instance prostate cancer can be the way someone who off beat in this area of their (sexual) life would be compensating themselves. So what we find thus really here is how a part of us ourselves is compensating us because we are very off beat in certain areas of our lives.

How hard the shadow or what we have concealed and have hidden returns in this sense depends on how willing we are to accept its corrective effect. It can be a drop, a leak, a flood or a Tsunami...a volcano, an earthquake.

The shadow work is the remembering of the parts we have cut off, hidden, buried. When not done consciously the shadow reemerges via diseases, accidents and at near death experiences or death as a final life review or judgement. Lying and deceit is really at the core of the rejecting of the shadow. This is why the shadow work is the real justice process.

The World Shadow

What we are witnessing worldwide is this compensatory process occurring similar to how it occurs individually, now collectively. This is because we are at an end of cycle/time and like at the end of a person's life, now we must undergo this life/history review if we are to move onto the next level. Individually vulcanos, floods, earthquakes, Tsunamis represent the violent return of the shadow or what is concealed in someone's life. I have for instance witnessed this in the dreams in terms of an individual. For instance an earthquake in this person's dreams would correlate with a heart-attack out of the dreams. It is like a built in mechanism we have in our most innermost to stop us from a totally wrong development and not fully self destruct.

It can really be anything and everything that will curb the wrong direction we are on. In dreams of someone for instance on a too inflated (too high yang) track we can find being attacked or a very hard fall as a way this inflation is curbed. The problem is that too often it is not understood.

This is now happening globally in terms of the uncovering of the world shadow. The current global system, the way this happens with a very split and lopsided inflated individual, is crumbling and must fall because it is based on deep corruption, crimes and injustices. It is premised on a very instable foundation.

It is no coincidence that we see the huge banking cartels, heads of religious bastions many states, huge corporations etc etc. all loosing all credibility and falling. So this apocalypse, we are all experiencing at the individual level is also being replicated collectively. It all depends on us how huge the compensation will be given how much we allign with this compensatory movement to come clean, or we keep enabling a lopsided system...

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