February 20, 2013

We Are Pinocchio

Everything is really a mirror and a symbol of self or self image. We are really always really telling ourselves things. It is endemic in the very nature of reality. This is how reality is made. This is why both in our dreams and surrounding us we are always being confronted with a mirror.

The video attached here is very symbolic of a culture that is stuck in a reverse Pinocchio archetype. Pinocchio wanted to become human and have real feelings. Yet this culture is driven by a way of thinking fueled by a positivistic reductionistic /materialistic concept of science, which objectifies everything. If you can put a price on trees, rivers, oceans, animals, women, people, to exploit sell and buy, where nothing whatsoever is sacred or meaningful anymore, it is because you have objectified everything.

What we do to the other we are doing to ourselves, because we are really interacting with our projections and interpretations of things, not what is really out there. And this becomes increasingly so the deeper we look at reality. The illusion is that it is 'out there', but new physics has discovered that it is really an extension of self. This is why we are a species which is at this point suicidal, not knowing that what we do to others and the earth we are doing to ourselves.

It is this detached observer which is slowly becoming a wooden object. So what are doing to the surrounding we are doing to ourselves. This objectifying and thus wanting to buy and sell everything is thus turning US (ourselves) into Pinocchio or wooden dolls. This turning into wood is what is happening to all of us caught in this program/culture. What u do to the other u are doing to yourself. We must see this. The joke is on us. This truth cannot be escaped not even in outer space...not even on Mars.

Pinocchio's Nose: Pathological Liar

The part of the growing of Pinocchio's nose goes hand in hand with becoming wood or an object. This is the same archetype as the becoming of machines or Borgs due to fully splitting (multipl-ing) and eventually loosing all connection with inside or soul and thus remote controlled from without by a smart mainframe system. This becoming more and more robotic and wooden goes hand in hand with a loss of empathy which is also the basis for the growing of Pinocchio's nose.

The loss of empathy leads to a loss of the real golden principles of treat thy neighbor as thyself and thus is the basis of the pathological lying we find at the top of the Pyramid. This is really another version of the evil-genius archetype we find at the top of the pyramid.

This is the archetype which goes hand in hand with what I called in a vlog I made: Apex poison , or the mental poisoning/intoxication that too much power gives, and the survivor mode hunger games culture where the reptilian brain and primal self is activated.

This is the archetype invoked in the pyramid structure which is why we see so many falling from the top at so many sacrosanct institutions, and so many crimes and corruption being committed. The reptile, Borg, Pinocchio at the top (inflation) has no feelings, empathy for nothing because it experiences everything as a dead object because s/he has becoming a wooden doll or object.


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