February 09, 2013

Objectivity leads to Seperateness

Due to the fact that we have been running pretty much on automatic pilot,
we have been dealt many cards which were subtly turning us against ourselves. 
One of them is the whole notion of objectivity in science. 

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While sold to us as being the opposite of subjectivity, what it means is that this process of science makes us look at others, animals, plants, earth, our own daughters etc as objects. 
Children Modeling In Bikinis At Car Show In China Cause Controversy
6 year old girl 'modeling' at car show
It's like when you hear someone say regarding young girls totally vulgar exposed all but naked on a stage for others to 'observe' that they reduced them to a piece if meat. 
So implicit in reducing something to an object means reducing it to something which we have no relationship with, no feelings, no bond... nothing. This is why in science we find such terrible animal abuse. But it doesn't stop with animals. 

We test nuclear bombs in oceans full of life and animals. The objective view inherently sees abject objects. This is how science has also come to see human beings. The objective view sees abject objects from which it is totally separate. And this lack of bond to it: the tree, the water, the earth... makes it very easy to destroy it..., experiment upon it..., disrespect it..., humiliate it... All empathy and connection is lost, and even inanimate objects, which have lost all organic life are alive. They are very close to spirit... like precious stones. But we teach our children: to objectify or thus disconnect. The disconnection leads to why more and more people find it totally okay to keep harassing the earth with our invasive intrusions into her to rob her from her precious materials so we can maintain societies of addiction... to futilities. 

Should we be teaching objectivity toward the trees, the water, the food, the earth, the body etc? Or should we teach our children that they are the water, they are the trees, the food, the earth etc. 
Is it really so strange that we have: a world of animal abuse and torture, where the earth is mined and fracked, where we treat our daughters like abject objects and prostitutes on stages, use drones to kill mothers and children.... where entering schools and shooting down young children is an epidemic; if at the core of our teachings is to be objective and thus objectify others...?

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