February 05, 2013

An Jungian Analysis of Super Bowl 2013 commercial: Tide Joe Montana Miracle Stain

Much in terms of the prior post on the Ram Truck Super Bowl video  here in Tide's Joe Montana Miracle stain we find the same mockery of the same topic. Here a stain is depicted as the image of "Jesus" and the whole miracle thing made fun of in a very blatant way to the whole wide world. This stain mockery of Jesus is classical bully behavior you find in elementary school. This is done when they are really afraid of the one they are mocking.

Obviously those who know my work know I am a vehement critic of the church. But that I have also stated because the dreams have represented this, that it seems that someone 2000 yrs ago did come with a message and that that message seemed to be related to the shadow work. We see this in all the traces that were left in the bible, which we know has been abused and changed but traces of truth had to be left in to make the deception more believable. The part of the beam and the splinter but many many other parts attributed to the Nazarene seemed to be about this work of separating the mind and than uniting the opposites.

We don't have to throw away the baby with the bath water. It does make perfect sense that not only they would TRY to joyride the very shadow work as a means to get people to merge with Darkness represented in almost every clip of the Super Bowl as the pyramid by superimposing it on the very shadow, but that this figure and the whole real story would be made a mockery of. The evil genius part which correlates so good with the using of the shadow to reject the very shadow is how Tide (soap powder) and thus washing, which is the core image of the real shadow work, is used as an image to wash away the very image of Jesus which really represented the Self in each and everyone of us. So you are being showing in your face plain sight that the true Self and shadow are being washed away by this fake approach (Tide), and replaced by a mechanical impersonator on both levels, i.e., as the Christ and the Self.
The real washing represents the union with the feminine.

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