February 05, 2013

An Jungian Analysis of the Super Bowl 2013 Commercial 'Ram Trucks - Farmer'

The commercial starts with "And on the 8th day God looked down on his Plant Paradise and said I need a caretaker." Check out the image @ 1:03 for the signature placed now literally everywhere of where this false time line is rapturing everybody. Here the honest and hardworking image of the farmer is "used" as the template like a sort of work horse, to portray the Ram Truck as the Self ("The farmer in all of us"), where as the honest farmer is supposed to be the real Self as the seed to be realized at the 8th day or at the end of the 7th day of creation, and as the fulfillment of the creator's purpose and purpose of creation.
The Ram truck which is another signature (its logo) is here portrayed as the realization of the purpose of creation which is a work horse machine (mechanical farmer) which same template we saw in the image of the Mercedes-Benz car portrayed as a terminator/transformer human machine. The evil-genius via joyriding the creation thus wants to turn ('enhance') the creation into his creation (product of re-engineering); which is really a (quantum) machine/being/Borg of sorts.

The whole idea of a Plant Paradise is wrong, because the Garden of Eden was a symbol for the fact that we are the trees and the seeds are the Self. So the real tending to the garden (not industrial agriculture) was the process (with the shadow) to unfold the Self seed/acorn, not enslave the human as a work horse and slowly hybridize/re-engineer the human (and nature) into a machine which is what the whole media is obsessed with. one needs real eyes to see the real-lies. It is all done in a way to be noticed by the unconscious, but to escape the conscious sublimely subliminally. When the true purpose of the creation (the butterfly) emerges from the 7th day, it will be a being in a quantum experience of reality.

Adam and Eve were not workhorses and didn't kill the animals in paradise. They lived beyond the illusion of separateness of our current senses which shield us off from that deeper core where things can be zero's and one's at the same time. They could directly experience real reality, be really one with it. Industrial agriculture is a result of the separation from this direct oneness and thus the fall. The Ram Trucks commercial video and the Tide Joe Montana Miracle Stain video are a mocking of the real creation story and these videos are really showing how the creation story has been joyridden.

The true real leader will develop the minds of his people. Not turn them into good servants for super-machines which are at the center of the Promethean creation story. The whole point is that at that true level we go beyond mechanics/machines and we really step into the Land of the Infinite. Paradise does not look like that regimented enslaved land and animals we see in the Ram Trucks video. Only the deep spiritual levels of the mind can navigate that landscape, not machines. The wrong timeline has gotten lost in engineering machines/quantum computers as a means to enter the quantum level (land of the infinite), but in terms of a techno-singularity and with super machines.
They are looking at people as human resources to attain external material goals.

The human being is the goal and purpose of creation...not a resource.

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