February 03, 2013

We Are Borg

The whole idea of refraining from eating food is yet another hyper-dimensional super soldier hyper manic wholesale rejection of the feminine and nature. This is how (not all) the western unabridged psyche by taking over eastern methods, and aborting its real purpose of the real individual, somehow always ends up using them for the very same end of rejecting the feminine which is the shadow of our phallic western culture. If u look good it is a culture deep down run by a machine and that is its true attraction (that is this hive artificial intelligence mind). As a matter of fact it is looking more and more like a twisted form of Borg, which would envision as ideal some kind of hybrid quantum computer being which would process radiation (fuel) directly from the surrounding as a means to fuel itself. Somehow the westerner engaging in eastern practices becomes more mechanical than spiritual. This is why music has vanished on this cyber singularity mindscape and what has taken its place is auditory food for machines: heavy metal and techno trance sound and computerized music which are really passwords for the androids hooked up to the anti-sophia hive queen. This robocop mistakes food for fuel and has no nuance or feel for the symbolic. It's really a very barren mindscape which is seeking a very barren landscape to survive in. It cannot exist in true nature and real food, real relations, real unions of opposites. I am really worried about what this western mind is being engineered into to.

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