February 16, 2013

Smart Laws versus Moral People (Law &The Observation Problem)

A few years ago I made a few videos on what I called the Observation Problem, which grew out from graduate research I was doing at the time in Holland, where I realized that we are really stuck in projections and therefore can't see what is really out there. Here I will apply what i call thus the observation problem to the idea of smart laws in particular which is surfacing all over (for instance at the heart of the 2013 State of the Union Address regarding gun laws) and in general to what I call the smart system, which is being erected around us. The question I begged reflecting upon this was if there can be good, smart or bad laws? And this, much in the same vein as my prior writing regarding the gun debate of which the gist was: there can be no good or bad guns. Here I will shortly reflect upon why this is the case.
In one of my recent writings I stated: "My take on the whole gun control controversy: Thoughts are the real bullets. If thoughts are the real bullets. Do u c what is really causing the violence and shootings, but remaining stealth in this whole rhetoric?" 
A lack of awareness of the observation problem I have in the past also compared in archetypal terms with the myth of the cyclops and that having one eye represents persons unaware of how they are really caught in and react to their own interpretations of things... not the things. Very simply, the one eye stands for the observer who is unaware that what is being observed is really self. Ignorance of the Observation Problem leads to falling into the illusion that 'what I am looking at is separate from me' and that 'what I am in first instance experiencing is my own coloring of this thing and thus myself... I will in a concentrated fashion explain this and the question begged here.

Beyond interpretation is the Self
There is no law separate from those making, interpreting and having to live by them. This rhetoric of talking about smart laws and /or (banning) guns as such for example, leads to a dissociation from both the interpreter and (subsequent objectification of) those its brunt is brought to bear on. Leading to the illusion that laws in and of themselves can act as some guiding principles loose from people and Self. The whole view based on remaining caught in the illusion of separateness to the observed is the inverse of where true understanding of the observation problem takes us which is inward and toward Self (capital S) which is the real Law. The self organizing and self regulating mechanism in Self, and thus beyond that deeper Self itself, is where we find the real Law. This was alluded to by the saying regarding writing the law on one's heart. It meant really, the heart being an allusion to Self, that the Law was within us. To live by the law was to find this inner core of self...in which case it is called morality. This external law approach makes a world of difference in terms of how we pursue, practice and apply the Law and is exactly counter to where we have to go with law.

Morals, Law & Dogma
Talking about laws in full separation of self (the maker / interpreter etc.) is like the dogma of church with Bible, saying: 'The word of God says...it is written..." and thus totally the other direction of seeing that it is an interpretation. Such a literal fully externalized or dissociated approach to Laws is really a huge leap back to the Dark Ages before there was any level of self reflection whatsoever in how we read texts.

Evil - Smart / Genius
Smart laws, and it is hard to see the obvious nowadays, is the inverse development away from developing conscious people. So notice not smart, but conscious people. Wherever you hear the word smart or intelligent, like in 'smart laws' or 'emotional intelligence', 'smart phones',' smart gadgets'; think of Evil Genius. It really comes from what we call Artificial Intelligence, which is what a system fully based on the Cyclops Archetype eventually becomes, because it is devoid of the feminine and the soul. That is the way the Evil Genius and its pyramid (high) archetype works: with smarts, intelligence... smart laws... strategy... not with morality and away from Self where we find morality as the (true) Law. It's all in the obvious... External smart laws versus Morality which is within...

Law & Dissociation
This external approach to law avails of a dissociation from these smart laws, which is why the persons promoting these smart laws & guiding (policy) principals can achieve to not see that what they themselves do is anti-morality. We speak of and focus on the smart laws and in the process remain oblivious of the fact that we violate ourselves each and every tenet of these guidelines of behavior. This also leads to the objectification of the the one it is applied to. Eventually and in terms of Evil Genius it is the best Hegelian strategy to build a prison around people by consent.

Police State vs Self
Finally and where this is all leading to is that the real approach to real law inward is all about finding the Self (inward and with the capital S), because this includes the observer in the picture of the law and thus not as something outside of us. The very approach to creating ever more or now the oxymoron ever smarter laws, and thus we see because of this, generates the very behavior it pretends to stop. Because the more the law is out there, the less it is developed inside. Like an addict, the more we get the fix from outside, the more we will not be able to regulate from within. It's not a matter of needing this now until we have a fully better world, because this approach is generating the bad behavior and next to this nothing is being done to develop the Self and inner sense of Law. In this sense this smart artificial intelligent system is really the prison being erected around you.

Jungian psychology is all about finding the Self which is not some smart external law, but which is the Moral version of me. The me which has integrity and balance. As long as the law is outside of us, we will be in big trouble. This is the great problem with lawyers and lawmakers nowadays, because these laws are created in abstract and totally separate to the people and the maker and only an eventual police state will be able to implement them. The current system which is based on creating these smart bombs, smart drones, smart laws, smart gadgets, smart meters etc... is the inverse / anti of a system which would be based and premised on developing self awareness and connection to Self or inner law: Morality. One only needs to look how girls are prostituted and objectified on all stages in the West to see that the smart laws and smart world is inverse to morality. Laws are played with in this system because they are external. As Lao Tsu said the more laws a nation has, the more lawless the nation behaves: the rule of (external) Law is an anti-morality system. The whole idea of writing the law upon ones heart is violated by this external law system.  To keep law & order a military police state is a must and has become the obvious.

A.I. versus God
The same as with addiction to drugs or gun ab-use, no amount of smart laws will make us smart and balanced in our usage of anything outside of us for that matter. It is like treating addiction to drugs with more drugs (Rx). While the inner work is left and relegated to some unknown future, because things have gotten too dangerous on the short term. This is the big illusion, because this approach is what is generating this very 'state' the smart laws are so-called addressing. The work has to be done on the self in order to be able to deal with anything outside of us in a moderate / balanced / integer way. Only connecting to Self will truly change behavior from within. The smart laws will eventually require smart gadgets and smart bombs to implement, while cities turn into veritable emerald Sodom and Gomorrah underworld Gotham cities of Oz.

The whole smart system being implemented is really a system outside of the human being, which will 'guide' and control and regulate the person from without, while we are only real aware humans when we self regulate. This smart artificial system will eventually triangulate into a huge artificial intelligence mainframe evolved to regulate and control human beings from without, while we were created with an inner compass with at the deepest center of our being what we called god, but which the church also tried to externalize from us and privatize.

We don't need to develop a smart system around of us to control us. We need to develop human beings and their capacity to feel justice from within. The argument that that is a future Utopia given that now there are so many bad people out there that we need protecting from is Hegelian rhetoric. For we will create the evidence to support this belief/solution. All the money is going into smart laws, smart bombs, smart planes, smart gadgets, etc.

Nothing is being done in the field of True Mental Care to develop the person from within toward inner law. Be-aware of the obvious, that whenever you hear the word smart, intelligent or genius, it's based on the divorce of the feminine and thus feelings and heart. It is a red flag and trigger word (meme) in and of itself. The whole smart intelligent movement is solar and phallic. Inevitably it'll become an external prison and control system where a mechanical artificial intelligence, the Matrix Architect, will eventually try to take over human being and feelings. Without emotions and inner being the human will become a Borg... a human machine hybrid. It is this smart system that will eventually re-engineer the human into a machine like hybrid being, but is really a system which is bent on rejecting and cutting off the feminine, the organic...  Earth... the real. Smart cards will sooner or later opt to either damage Mother Earth to irreparable levels where machine beings thrive or move to outer space... Sooner or later this smart system will erect a computer around you and you will find yourself locked into a fully artificial computer game in which you are simply a player and the mainframe controls your fate.

Look how in the audio file above is said by the scholar Professor Cornel West, exactly one of the core points made in my article above, that within this incontinent concept of external law, the ones that apply it to others never apply it to themselves. I argued that given the observation problem this is inherent in this externalized incontinent concept of law now currency in this evil-smart/genius system we are in. This is the problem with the one eye smart system which thinks the laws and law is outside and for instance in smart laws. But what we have found is that the law is a compensatory system inside each and everyone of us, meaning thus also that no one can escape it. 
West says: “I think we have to be very honest, let us not be deceived: Nixon, Bush, Obama, they’re war criminals,” West said. “They have killed innocent people in the name of the struggle for freedom, but they’re suspending the law, very much like Wall Street criminals. The law is suspended for them, but the law applies for the rest of us. You and I, brother Tavis, if we kill an innocent person we go to jail, and we’re going to be in there forever.” 
I argue that this is an inherent property of the one eye condition as understood via the observation problem where the cyclope is unaware of self. the observation problem is based on the age old problem of seeing the splinter in the other but not beam in ones own eye, which is seemingly still more applicable today than ever.

American academic Noam Chomsky said recently: the US a leading terrorist state if international law is applied. This explains, very much in line with the observation problem the extreme obsession with terrorists abroad.  

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*Cornel West: Obama is a ‘war criminal’ who has killed ‘over 200 children’


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Thank You ...Love this work.

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“I think we have to be very honest, let us not be deceived: Nixon, Bush, Obama, they’re war criminals,” West said. “They have killed innocent people in the name of the struggle for freedom, but they’re suspending the law, very much like Wall Street criminals. The law is suspended for them, but the law applies for the rest of us. You and I, brother Tavis, if we kill an innocent person we go to jail, and we’re going to be in there forever.”
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