February 06, 2013

There Is No Spoon

What is now around us in terms of reality is at its core quantum. But if it is our senses which shield us off from that deeper core where things can be zero's and one's at the same time; and what is what we call now the quantum, is from inside the deepest layers of the mind >> ; than we will soon realize that the most important thing to learn how to master is our own mind, because what is around us is really the deepest layers of the mind.
When we truly learn to master our own mind we will realize that when I change toward the deepest layers of my being, the surrounding changes accordingly. We need a new education which will teach students how to master their own mind.
With master I don't mean manipulate, because that would bring us back into the machine and mechanism paradigm. Not only quantum physics is really psychology of self but everything is.
The real leader will develop the minds of his team, not design procedures and structures and roles externally. We got stuck in the wrong paradigm creating machines in our own image while the real nature of the quantum is not a machine but spirit.
The word Quantum Mechanics is wrong. The whole point is that at that level we go beyond mechanics and really step into the land of the infinite. Only the deep spiritual levels of the mind can navigate that landscape which is really a mindscape thus.
The real education is how to reach those deepest layers of the mind where we see 'we are the spoon'. Not as the wrong timeline has gotten lost in, i.e., creating quantum computers as a means to tap this level of energy. And looking at people as human resources to attain external goals.
The human is the goal and purpose of creation...not a resource.

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